Get ready for Fall 2023 with new foods including snacks and more

COMING SOON: New & Nostalgic Nestlé Sensations Flavored Milks. Image Courtesy of Nestle.
COMING SOON: New & Nostalgic Nestlé Sensations Flavored Milks. Image Courtesy of Nestle. /

Everyone has a favorite season and a lot of people love Fall. Whether it’s because of the leaves changing or all the Fall foods, there’s no shortage of things to love.

In honor of the seasons changing, I wanted to feature some of the new and returning foods released in Fall 2023. This isn’t going to be an encompassing list as there are so many food items out there.

This is just going to be some of the tastiest and most exciting things you’ll want to have on your radar. Who knows? They might end up in your shopping cart after hearing about them in this post.

No matter if you love Fall or not, you’ll want to make sure you keep your eyes peeled for all of these new and returning items to get all those fall feels you’re craving.

Want to embrace Fall 2023? Try out these new and returning foods!

First up, we’re talking about drinks, and what better place to start with than milk? If you’re looking to put a spin on a classic, then you’ll want to try the new flavors of Nestle Sensations. These come in two varieties: Frosted Flakes Cereal Flavored Milk and Eggo Maple Waffle Flavored Milk. While these are great for breakfast, they can be enjoyed at any time.

If you’re headed out for breakfast, you could try Maverik’s Fall menu items including a pumpkin spice-flavored cappuccino, pumpkin cookies, and muffins. You could also grab a Churro Flavored Nothing Bundt Cake which sounds tasty and I’m sure you could find a way to have it for breakfast until October 8th.

For the last of the breakfast foods, this one is more related to Christmas but since it’s out now, it still counts. If you’re looking to add some flavor to your morning coffee, try Planet Oat’s Gingerbread Oatmilk Creamer. It’ll give you that dash of Christmas cheer you might be craving.

Moving onto some drinks, Saint James Tea recently launched some new flavors including Classic Lemon and Red Raspberry. Sometimes on a fall day, you just want to sit on your porch and drink a glass of tea. I know for sure, I’m going to be on the hunt for these as they sound delicious and are just two in the brand’s already impressive lineup.

As for snacks, has some awesome options including its Half-Dried Apricots which comes in Snack Packs and even a Trail Mix Variety Pack. I’m allergic, but I’m sure someone else will enjoy it. You could also head out to Kroger to enjoy some of the brand’s apple-flavored offerings including a Spiced Apple Pie Seasoned Pretzels, a Spiced Apple Snack Mix, and even, Spiced Apple Pie Cookies.

Another salty treat coming out is the new Kettle Brand 7 Layer Dip Chips. Since it’s a limited-edition item, these won’t be around forever. These 7-Layer Dip Chips are all-in-one when it comes to chips with hints of spice and savory. Honestly, these are going to be great for tailgating or those cool fall afternoons, watching football at home.

Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms /

Lucky Charms Bring Back Limited-Edition ‘Loki Charms.” Image courtesy of Lucky Charms.The thing I’m most excited about though is the return of the Loki Charms which is a limited-run from Lucky Charms but featuring the Marvel powerhouse on them. These are releasing exclusively at Walmart on October 6th at 11:30 am PT so you’ll want to make sure you get them before they’re gone. If you’re ready to skip ahead to Christmas, then these Pillsbury Funfetti Elf on a Shelf Cookie Mixes which include Sugar Cookie, Hot Cocoa and Sugar Cookie with Peppermint Candy are for you.

Moving onto the final category before non-food items, I wanted to feature some dinner options for everyone this fall. Even though I’ve already talked about Kroger, I mentioned sweets but didn’t mention the brand’s newest line which is Kroger Mercado which is all about bringing authentic flavors to you. You can enjoy Ready to Cook Flour Tortillas, Thin Sliced Beef Strip Steaks, and Agua Frescas. If you’re looking to partake in Meatless Mondays, you can try the new MorningStar Farms Steakhouse Style Burger which is vegan yet is the perfect mimic of meat and should give you the taste you might be craving.

If you’re headed to Kroger and want more, the brand has dropped some new items in addition to its Kroger Mercado line. You can grab the Kroger French Onion Pan Slider for an easy dinner, the Hot Honey, Pepperoni & Feta Pizza, or even some Birria simmering sauce if you’re looking to add more flavor to your meals.

Kroger Launches Kroger Mercado, a Brand Inspired by Authentic Hispanic Flavors + Ingredients. Image Courtesy of Kroger. /

Lastly, I wanted to include two non-food items as I think they’re incredibly cool and worth checking into. Dairy Queen is getting into the apparel business with the launch of its new Cozy Blizzard Beanies. You have to enter to win these but thankfully, you have until October 13th to enter by following Dairy Queen on social media and commenting on your favorite blizzard treat using the hashtag: “BLIZZARDBeanieSweepstakes.”

Last but certainly not least is another fun item and that’s from White Claw. White Claw knows its cans will sometimes ruin your nail so they partnered with Nails.INC to introduce the “CLAW Saver.” This set includes 4 nail polishes from Nails.INC and the CLAW Saver are available exclusively on Amazon and Nails.INC website for $23.00. I think this is such a fun idea and one I’m honestly surprised other brands haven’t done before.

While there you have it, these are some amazing fall foodie items coming out this year and honestly, there’s plenty to choose from. Hopefully, you find some new foods and maybe a non-food item to try out this season.

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