Great Chocolate Showdown season 4: And the winner is…

Great Chocolate Showdown -- “World of Flavour” -- Image Number: GCS406_0412 -- Photo: Joanna Bell/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Great Chocolate Showdown -- “World of Flavour” -- Image Number: GCS406_0412 -- Photo: Joanna Bell/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

Great Chocolate Showdown season 4 finally came to an end and announced the winner of the competition. But before we get to the winner, let’s first take a look at what the final three bakers had to do in this final episode.

There was only one challenge in this episode, but it consisted of four different parts. Ashlee, Mike, and Kristen had to make four desserts based on four different moments in their baking journey. The first dessert had to represent the first thing they ever baked, the second had to be a tribute to someone they love, the third was the judges’ choice, and the fourth had to be a showpiece that showed their baking future.

And the bakers did not have to work alone. The last three Great Chocolate Showdown winners came back to help the finalists. Casey from season 1 helped Ashlee, Latice from season 2 helped Mike, and Maile from season 3 helped Kristen.

So what did they make? Ashlee made birthday cake-inspired mini chocolate caramel cakes, chocolate donuts, a Black Forest cake, and dark chocolate grapefruit tarts with a chocolate showpiece.

The winner of Great Chocolate Showdown season 4 announced

Mike made a chocolate gingerbread house with pumpkin pie bonbons, a Boston Creme Paris-Brest, a marjolain, and a chocolate tower with peanut butter and jelly bars.

Kristen made chocolate orange cupcakes, chocolate peach cobbler parfaits, a chocolate Frasier cake, and chocolate passionfruit tarts with a heart-shaped chocolate showpiece.

The baking process, as you can imagine, was stressful. This was not an easy episode to watch because you could feel the stakes and the pressure piling up.

That said, all of the desserts looked fantastic, and while the judges liked most of them, they did have a few notes about dryness, the thickness of the chocolate, and some slight messiness on certain desserts.

For me, Ashlee’s Black Forest cake was definitely the star of the show. It looked perfect and the judges noted how amazing it tasted.

But who actually won? It was Ashlee!! It has been such a joy seeing how she has improved over the episodes and really got a spark about three or four episodes in. She was my fave going into this episode, so I was thrilled that she won. Not only does she get the title of Great Chocolate Showdown champion, but she also wins $50,000!

What did you think of the finale of Great Chocolate Showdown season 4? Make sure to stay tuned to Guilty Eata for all the latest food TV news!

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