Cheryl’s Cookies offering pumpkin cupcakes just in time for the fall season

Fall Cupcakes & Cookies from Cheryl's Cookies. Image courtesy Cheryl's Cookies
Fall Cupcakes & Cookies from Cheryl's Cookies. Image courtesy Cheryl's Cookies /

Cheryl’s Cookies is well-known for its soft frosting-covered round cookies. When your name is Cheryl’s Cookies, you better be known for your cookies. But a few months ago, they started making cupcakes as well and now they have come out with a pumpkin variety of that cupcake and it couldn’t be more appropriate for the fall season.

The new cupcake is a Buttercream-Frosted Pumpkin Cupcake that looks absolutely delicious It’s a pumpkin cake with a cinnamon buttercream frosting, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s topped with a snickerdoodle cookie. Are you drooling, because I definitely am!

On Cheryl’s Cookies website, you can currently get six cupcakes for $39.99. They are perfect for right now, Halloween, or Thanksgiving. Whether they are an alternative to pumpkin pie or you’re serving them right along with it, there is no way anyone is not going to like one (or three) of these cupcakes.

But if you don’t feel like sharing them, hide them as best you can because if anyone finds them, they will not be safe! And no judgment here if you eat all six yourself. We are Guilty Eats, after all.

Cheryl’s Cookies now offering pumpkin cupcakes

But that isn’t the only pumpkin-spice treat Cheryl’s Cookies is offering this fall season. They also have a Frosted Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookie Flavor Box and a Buttercream-Frosted Cinnamon Pumpkin Cookie Flavor Box.

The latte box includes 12 Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookies and the cinnamon pumpkin box includes 12 Cinnamon Pumpkin cookies. Each box is currently $29.99. They look ridiculously good!

The cookie brand also has a bunch of fall collections of other cookies. There really is something for everyone no matter what you’re looking to celebrate. They even have a Collector’s Edition Pumpkin Cookie Jar that could not be cuter.

Will you be picking up some fall-flavored cookies to celebrate the season? Make sure to stay tuned to Guilty Eats for all the latest food news!

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