Great British Baking Show season 14 episode 3: Bread week

THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon
THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon /

It’s the week Paul Hollywood has been waiting for! It’s Bread Week on the Great British Baking Show, and… it did not go well. Sure, some bakers made amazing breads, but there were far more bakers who made “monstrous” bakes. This week’s episode also happened to be filled with possibly the most puns ever. Lots of balls and buns puns for everyone!

First up (as always) was the Signature Challenge. Bakers had to make a cottage loaf. This is pretty much one smaller loaf put on top of a bigger loaf and baking them together. This challenge wasn’t too bad, but lots of the breads were underproved. There was also a bread that just looked like a normal loaf from Abbi, and the “monstrous” loaf from Rowan. It really did look like a growing blob in the oven.

On to the Technical Challenge! This week, the bakers had to create eight Devonshire splits. It’s pretty much a round loaf that is split in half and filled with cream and strawberries. It looked delicious, but the bakers…did not have a great time here. Some had splits that were underbaked, some had ones that were underproved, and some forgot ingredients entirely.

But who came out on top? That was Saku! Her splits were baked well, and the judges thought they tasted quite good.

Bread masterpieces and disasters on Great British Baking Show

Time for the Showstopper! For this challenge, the bakers had to use braided bread to make a carb-y showpiece! There was everything from baskets and tigers to Medusa and cows. The way they made what amounted to art out of bread was very cool.

Unfortunately, not everyone did well. The judges thought some of the creations were tasteless, almost inedible, and not well-baked.

But who came out on top? For the second week in a row, Tasha got Star Baker. And she totally deserved it. Her Medusa bread looked outstanding!

And who went home? It was really a toss-up between Rowan, Abbi, and Dan. Dan did not do well in the Technical or the Showstopper. He really just gave himself too much to do. But it was Abbi who went home this week. Her bread tasted fine, but the bake just wasn’t good enough for the judges.

Next week is Chocolate Week on the Great British Baking Show. It should be delicious. Make sure to bring a snack with you while you watch.

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