Pizza Hut is staying open until Midnight (or later)

Pizza Hut's ICONIC Mini Basketballs Return. Image courtesy Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut's ICONIC Mini Basketballs Return. Image courtesy Pizza Hut /

One change that was wrought by the pandemic that directly affected foodies everywhere was the fact many restaurants and food chains that stayed open late, such as Pizza Hut, were unable to do so. To adhere to social distancing guidelines they didn’t have a choice.

Unfortunately, as we have emerged from the pandemic, many diners and fast food chains have not returned to staying open later. Whether it was staffing issues or the high cost of food and just being in business, many found that they simply couldn’t keep the doors open past a certain time.

However, that may finally be changing if the recent announcement from Pizza Hut is any indication. Because The Hut is apparently ready to serve you some pizza even if it’s after midnight.

Some Pizza Hut locations nationwide will start staying open until two in the morning.

Pizza Hut has revealed that thousands of locations across the country will start staying open until midnight for both carry out and delivery. And some locations will be open for carry out until as late as 2 AM. That means if you get a craving for a Pan Pizza at one in the morning, Pizza Hut can hook you up.

Who do we have to thank for this change? It would seem younger generations are growing quite fond of the late night munchies. So much so that Pizza Hut decided to go all in to satisfy those pizza cravings.

Let it never be said that Pizza Hut wasn’t willing to do whatever they have to in order to make sure you can get a hot, delicious pizza literally whenever you want one.

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