Try these cocktails to get ready for Halloween and beyond

Betty Booze Lifestyle Images. Image Courtesy of Betty Booze.
Betty Booze Lifestyle Images. Image Courtesy of Betty Booze. /

Fall is officially underway and a lot of brands are capitalizing on that when it comes to cocktails. There are so many great options out there and so many brands to choose from.

Thankfully, there are plenty to choose from and lots of different options for drinks to choose from. Of course, most of the ones on this list are going to be alcohol but I’m going to feature some non-alcoholic options on here, too.

Whether you’re grabbing something for a Halloween party or are headed out to tailgate with friends, you’ll be the life of the party if you end up grabbing some of these or making these drinks for everyone.

No matter if you’re mixing the cocktails or just serving them to everyone, you can’t go wrong with any of these offerings.

See these awesome cocktails for Halloween, Fall, and beyond.

Let’s start with one of the big names and that’s Betty Booze. This is Blake Lively’s canned cocktail brand. For fall, the brand added a new Sparkling Bourbon with Apple Ginger Sour Cherry. The packaging for this is unmatched and seems perfect for those wanting something a bit lighter.

Keeping with the Blake Lively theme, it would only be right to feature a recipe from her husband’s brand: Aviation Gin. Called the “Negroni Upgrade,” all you’ll need for it is 1.5 ounces of Aviation American Gin, 0.75 ounces of Bitter Aperitivo Liqueur, 0.75 ounces of Sweet Vermouth, and lastly, an orange twist. All you have to do is mix the ingredients, stir, and then strain into a glass with an orange twist.

Halloween Cocktails from Redemption Whiskey. Image Courtesy of Redemption Whiskey. /

Next up, I wanted to feature some Halloween cocktails. If you’re hosting a party or just want something different, then you can try out this recipe from Redemption Whiskey. For the Blood-Red Hook, you’ll need 2 parts Redemption Rye, ½ part Maraschino Liqueur, ½ part Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth, and a Maraschino cherry as a garnish. From there, all you have to do is mix your ingredients together in a cup with ice until chilled and then strain into another glass before topping off with a cherry. In addition, you could even make a fun cocktail with Boba Pops including an Iced Boba Cider which is just 6 ounces of Apple Cider, 1.5 ounces of Whiskey, and lastly, 1.5 ounces of a Peach Boba Pop.

For fall and Winter, you could consider making a Speyside Old Fashioned which features 2 ounces of Santa Teresa 1796 Whiskey Cask Finish Rum, ¼-½ ounces of simple syrup, 2 dashs Cacao Bitters, and an Orange Peel for garnish. From there, all you have to do is mix your ingredients together in a cup full of ice, stir, and serve with an orange peel garnish.

We’re moving on to the final two cocktails and these are some fun ones as the rest are going to be non-alcoholic. First is made with Mezcal Union and is a take on the classic Espresso Martini as it features “1.5 ounces of Mezcal UNION Uno, 1.5 ounces of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, 1 ounce of Cold Brew Concentrate and lastly, 0.25 ounces of rich cinnamon simple syrup. To make this, you add all the ingredients to a shaker, add ice, and then shake until it has a healthy froth. From there, double strain into a coup and garnish with coffee beans.

Hostess Tip: These Pickleback Cocktails Will be the Life of Your Halloween Party. Image Courtesy of Grillo’s Pickles. /

Lastly for alcoholic offerings, I wanted to wait and feature one I’m incredibly excited about and that’s Pickleback Cocktails. Made using Grillo’s Pickles, you can enjoy a “Dill Pickle Gin and Tonic.” For this, you’ll need 2 ounces of navy-strength gin, ½ ounces of Grillo’s Italian Dill Chips pickle brine, 3 ounces of tonic water, and more dill chips for garnish.” From there, all you have to do is fill your chilled glass with ice, add all your ingredients, stir, and then garnish with your pickle chips.

If you’re doing Sober October and want some other options, then you’re in luck as there are some great non-alcoholic offerings, too. Mockly was founded in New Orleans and comes in three delicious non-alcoholic flavors including Love Bite (Pomegranate) Eye Opener (Tangerine) and Baron Von Blue (Blueberry.) You can grab these from the brand’s website and Amazon.

Welch’s also recently added a new Passion Fruit and Mango Pineapple juice cocktail which could be a great mix-in for punches or something a bit stronger. You can also enjoy these on their own, too. You can also grab a Spirit Spooky Slush at Kung Fu Tea as this is a fun collaboration between Spirit Halloween and Kung Fu Tea.

There are so many great cocktails and drinks to try out this fall and Halloween season so let us know if we missed anything or if there are any other brands you’re dying to try this fall.

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