10 Halloween snacks to munch on if you’re staying in this year

Cheetos Enters an Unexpected Snack Category with NEW Cheetos Pretzels. Image Courtesy of Cheetos
Cheetos Enters an Unexpected Snack Category with NEW Cheetos Pretzels. Image Courtesy of Cheetos /

Everyone has a different tradition for Halloween and sometimes, it’s about staying in, watching movies or just enjoying the fall weather from the comfort of your home.

If you’re grabbing your pajamas instead of a costume and want something to help you unwind, then we’ve got you covered. From candy to chips to even, an adult beverage or two, you’ll be able to spend Halloween fairly stress-free.

Ultimately, it all depends on what you’re looking to do, who you’re with, and if there are particular movies or movies you’re going to enjoy. I mean sometimes, junk food is the best companion for enjoying some scary movies.

No matter what you’re doing this Halloween, you’ll want to be on the lookout for these snacks on your next shopping trip.

Look for these 10 snacks if you’re staying in for Halloween this year!

First up is something I never thought I’d see and that’s Cheetos Pretzels. Currently, these come in two different flavors and are the ultimate snack from the beloved brand. I feel like this has been a long time coming so I’m excited to try these. The two flavors are Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot which caters to those who do and don’t like spice.

If you’re looking for some more elevated Cheetos, then you’ll want to make sure you grab Cheetos Mac’n Cheese Box of Bones. A twist on the Bag of Bones snacks, this is Cheetos Mac and Cheese but featuring the same shape as a bag of bones. These only come in one flavor which is Bold & Cheesy.

Nail Your Next Fall-Themed Snack Night with New Flavors from Frito-Lay. Image Courtesy of Frito-Lay. /

Keeping with the cheesy snacks, next up are the Spicy Queso Flavored Funyuns. These are the classic Funyuns we love but with a kick of spice. With hints of jalapeno and cheese, this new variety of Funyuns will have you clutching the bag while watching your favorite horror movie play on the TV.

Moving from savory to sweet, let’s talk about candy. Aside from Halloween being about scares, it’s also about enjoying as much candy as you can. If you’re looking for something new, you could try the HI-Soft Caramel Chews. These are from the creators of HI-Chew and are available on Amazon so you’ll be able to refill your candy bowl as soon as it’s empty!

If you’re looking for something a bit trippy, you could try this collaboration between Frankford Candy and some popular Kraft brands including Kraft Mac & Cheese, Claussen, and Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. They’re all gummy and sweet so no worries about them tasting like the product they’re inspired by.

No candy roundup would be complete without Hershey’s. Even though I’ve already included them in a previous post, I wanted to feature them again. This time though, I wanted to feature the Reese’s Halloween Lovers bag featured on the brand’s website. This includes the regular Reese’s Cups, White Reese’s Cups, and lastly, the Franken cups which feature green filling.

Trolli adds a spark to the candy aisle with NEW Sour Electric Crawlers! Image Courtesy of Trolli /

For the final candy, I wanted to include another classic and that’s Trolli. While these won’t be available until November 1st at 7-Eleven, you can plan ahead. These Trolli Sour Electric Crawlers come in a few different flavors including Strawberry Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade, and Dragon Fruit Mango. Sweet and sour, you’re sure to enjoy these after a fun Halloween weekend.

For this final section of “snacks,” I wanted to include some beverages as there are some tasty ones you can try out. Let’s start with Heidi’s Black Margarita which was created by Heidi Klum. This drink features “2 oz PATRÓN EL ALTO, 1 oz blackberry syrup,1 oz fresh lime juice, 2 drops of Scrappy’s Fire Water Tincture and Black lava salt.” All you have to do is combine everything, strain into a glass with ice and that’s it. You could even add a sugar spider web garnish if you have the time but if not, you can enjoy this without it.

OTR’s vibrant green Midori Sour cocktail, perfect for Halloween! Image Courtesy of On The Rocks. /

Another Halloween drink option is OTR Midori Sour which is a green cocktail and all you have to do is add ice and you’re done. This is incredibly simple and something fun to try if you’re looking for something unique for Halloween. It’s the best and easiest way to have a drink this Halloween.

Moving onto another holiday in itself, Taylor Swift is finally re-releasing 1989 and with that, you’ll want a drink to celebrate the occasion. For that, you’ll need to grab some Empress 1908 Gin to make a Lavender Haze which is “2 oz Empress 1908 Gin, 1 oz Lavender Honey Syrup, 2 oz Lemonade, and a Lavender Sprig.” From there, all you have to do is shake the lemonade and syrup before straining it into a glass with ice. Then top it off with the Empress 1908 Gin, more ice, and garnish with a lavender sprig.

If you’re sober or just want something else to try, then head to Kroger where you can grab some fun flavors of Kombucha including Raspberry Hibiscus, Cranberry Apple, and Lemon Ginger. All in all, I don’t think you can go wrong with how or what you’re celebrating this Halloween.

What’s your favorite snack to much on during the Halloween season? Let us know, Guilty Eaters! 

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