The Halloween costume you have ‘bean’ waiting for!

Bush's Baked Original Costume. Image courtesy Bush's
Bush's Baked Original Costume. Image courtesy Bush's /

Do you dread the time and stress involved in sourcing the perfect Halloween costume? Have you ‘bean’ looking for an eye-catching Halloween costume that will make you the center of attention at any Halloween gathering?

Sometimes it’s hard enough to even decide what theme you should go with for your costume. Maybe it should be funny? Maybe it should be scary? Maybe you should choose something that’s trendy? Or what about dressing up as your favorite food?

If you’re like me and still haven’t found the perfect costume for this Halloween season, look no further because our friends at Bush’s Beans have launched an un-bean-lieviably fun costume that will definitely turn heads.

Bush’s Beans introduces Halloween costumes replicating their iconic bean cans

Referred to as ‘Hallo-bean’ costumes on their company website, Bush’s Beans is now selling bean can costumes on their company website. These unisex ‘one size fits most’ can costumes are available in the original Bush’s Beans variety (for those seeking a more classic look) and their Bush’s Chili Beans variety (for those looking to spice things up a little bit).

If you want to wear something that shows off those beautiful beans a little bit more, you might want to check out the Bush’s Beans “Beans All Over” adult onesie. I think any one of these outfits would be a great choice for Halloween. Adult onesies are always an interesting look and who doesn’t love some great food-themed clothes.

Any of these Bush’s Beans outfits should turn heads this Halloween season, whether it’s because you are at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating around your neighborhood.

So what will you be wearing this year for Halloween? Will you be saucy enough to sport one of these mouth-watering Bush’s Beans costumes? Let’s discuss over on our social media accounts.

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