McDonald’s UK introduces two new Halloween McFlurries

McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's
McDonald's Smoky & Sweet Pair. Image courtesy McDonald's /

Is there a rule somewhere that if you live in the United States you are stuck with the same boring menu items all the time? Because it sure seems that places like McDonald’s save all their really fun and interesting new items for anywhere but here.

I mean, we here in the U.S. get to see McDonald’s release the McRib. Again. And again. And this is after saying it has been retired. Meanwhile in Canada if you go to McDonald’s you have the chance to get one of their iconic Boo Buckets in tote bag form. How is that fair?

Now McDonald’s is teasing Americans with a couple of brand new ice cream McFlurries with an awesome Halloween theme. The only problem is that they are only available in the United Kingdom, not here.

The McDonald’s Halloween McFlurries will only be available for a limited time.

The first one is the Toffee Apple Twix McFlurry. It includes vanilla soft serve ice cream that is mixed with piece of Twix candy bars and a toffee apple sauce. The other is a Halloween M&M’s McFlurry that includes M&M’s (obviously) along with hot fudge and Halloween candy pieces.

Now, both of those sound like something that we here in America would love, especially for Halloween. And it would help McDonald’s overcome the perception that some people have that the McFlurry is a poor man’s Dairy Queen Blizzard.

But no. These are only available overseas. Which wouldn’t be bad if we didn’t have to keep reading about them all the time.

These are both available for a limited time so if you have some frequent flyer miles you aren’t using, go ahead and book a flight and try one or both. Just have sure you do it before Halloween is over.

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