Creative ways to enjoy National Deviled Egg Day

Jalapeno Deviled Eggs. Image courtesy American Egg Board
Jalapeno Deviled Eggs. Image courtesy American Egg Board /

According to the American Egg Board, searches for #DeviledEggs have recently increased by 150% on TikTok and Google searches for deviled egg recipes increased by a whopping 500% in November of 2022. One can say deviled eggs are trending at just the right time ahead of National Deviled Egg Day (yes, National Deviled Egg Day is really a thing) that is right around the corner on November 2nd.

Many folks may think of deviled eggs as being an old fashioned food commonly found at your grandmothers house, but over the past several years the culinary world has transformed the traditional deviled egg into much more of a culinary experience. As a matter of fact, the American Egg Board has an entire section on their website dedicated to exciting deviled egg recipes.

Try these different ways to spruce up your deviled egg game

From surf and turf deviled eggs, to internationally inspired deviled eggs, to using healthier ingredients, to decorating deviled eggs with colorful and artistic toppings, the different ways to prepare the classic hors d’oeuvres seems endless. Aside from making them the traditional way, another tasty and fun way to put a twist on the classic deviled egg is to use your air fryer to add some crunch and texture.

With all the different ways there are to make deviled eggs and possibly not knowing what your guests may like or don’t like, the American Egg Board suggests creating a ‘deviled egg bar’ where people can add their own toppings to pre-made deviled eggs. Suggested toppings included chopped pickled jalapeños for some heat, pickled red onions for some zip, chives for some freshness, capers for a salty touch, diced sweet or dill pickles for a more traditional option, or even banana peppers for some tang.

The American Egg Board also provided a few tips on how to place your eggs on a deviled egg bar. They suggest to sprinkle salt on a platter for traction so the eggs don’t move around and suggest that cupcake wrappers make a great vessel to hold your deviled eggs.

Personally, I love the idea of cupcake wrappers as they can also act as a topping-catcher should you happen to go a little overboard creating your own deviled egg masterpiece.

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