Hardee’s announces new Candied Bacon menu items

Hardee's, 1821 Eighth St. S. in Wisconsin RapidsImg 8449
Hardee's, 1821 Eighth St. S. in Wisconsin RapidsImg 8449 /

Every foodie can agree that bacon, in any and all its forms, is one of the greatest foods ever created. It goes great on just about anything or all by itself, smells amazing when cooking and above all, tastes incredible. Hardee’s knows this and are doing something about it.

However, instead of just using regular bacon, which is anything but “regular,” they are going in a different direction. A direction that makes them unique among their fast food brethren because instead of just using bacon, they are using candied bacon.

For those that may not know, candied bacon is when you take everything about bacon and add a sweetness that takes it over the edge. In this case Hardee’s is making it in-house by taking bacon and coating it in a layer of brown sugar and a dash of black pepper.

And how do they plan to use it? Let us count the ways.

Hardee’s Candied Bacon menu is now available at locations nationwide.

First, if you are just looking for a hit of candied bacon, straight with no chaser, you can get the Candied Bacon Snack Pack which includes a serving of candied bacon and nothing else.

Or you can try the Candied Bacon Biscuit. That includes a biscuit that has been make fresh and that has been loaded with candied bacon, a fresh fried egg and American cheese.

Finally we have the Candied Bacon Angus Frisco Burger. Other then a long name it includes an Angus beef patty that has been cooked over an open flame and then topped with four pieces of candied bacon, Swiss cheese, tomatoes and mayo and served on two pieces of sourdough.

Imagine taking something as magical as bacon and then finding a way to improve it and offer it to your customers in a trio of new and exciting ways. That’s what Hardee’s has done and they are now available at locations nationwide.

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