Great British Baking Show season 14 episode 6: Botanical week

THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon
THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF 2023 © Love Productions/Channel 4/Photographer: Mark Bourdillon /

Great British Baking Show was all about plants, spices, and herbs this week! It was the show’s first-ever Botanical Week in this episode. And it was actually a really interesting week. There were new flavors and incredible desserts!

Let’s start with the Signature Challenge! It was all about spiced buns. The bakers included everything from mulled wine and figs to cardamom and more. All the buns looked so freaking tasty. Even the ones that were not the same shape, Paul! No one got a Hollywood Handshake but Tasha’s mulled wine spiced buns were definitely one of the highlights.

On to the Technical! The bakers had to make thyme lemon drizzle cake. While this might sound easy, because it was baked in an intricate pan, it was much more difficult than you might expect. Quite a few of the finished cakes were missing a few pieces that got stuck in the pan. Other than that, some bakers didn’t put enough thyme in their cakes.

Who came out on top? That was Cristy! Her cake was baked perfectly and tasted just how the judges were expecting.

Great British Baking Show was all about florals this week

Time for the Showstopper! It was a pretty open-ended Showstopper. The bakers simply had to make a floral dessert with multiple elements. Now that we are down to the final seven, it’s clear that we are dealing with some truly talented bakers.

The desserts they made during this challenge were truly extraordinary. Quite a few bakers encased their flower decoration in gelatin. Dana even made a whole floral box for her dessert.

The big drama of this episode was during this challenge and involved Cristy. The judges warned her about using a white chocolate covering for her dessert when the weather was so hot. She did it anyway, and her first try completely broke and she became quite emotional. Luckily, she tried again, and it turned out beautifully.

So who came out on top? That was Josh! He really made a beautifully intricate floral dessert. This was his first time as Star Baker.

Who went home? That was, unfortunately, Dana. Her dessert looked amazing, but the flavors were not there, and that was the case for most of her bakes throughout this episode.

Next week, the remaining bakers will have to go through Dessert Week! After next week, we will be down to the final five, and then the pressure is really on.

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