The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 episode 1: Cringeworthy holiday baking

Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Big Bake: Holiday is back for season 4, and this first episode was all about making rock n’ roll-inspired holiday desserts. The groups of bakers had to take “Jingle Bell Rock” to heart and make showstopping holiday creations.

The three teams consisted of the Snow Joke team, Sleigh What? team, and the Cakemas Queens team. Each of these teams consisted of three bakers, and they all came up with their own idea for their extraordinary baked showpiece.

The Snow Joke team made a reindeer rock n’ roll drummer, the Sleigh What? team made a DJ Santa, and the Cakemas team made a Santa rockstar with lots of tattoos. But besides looking great and tasting good, these centerpieces had to have moving components as well.

And there was a twist! The bakers also had to make gingerbread shaker cookies that made noise when the judges shook them.

The Big Bake: Holiday returns for season 4

All the final pieces were incredible! They were very large, they all moved, and they all really showed off the holiday spirit. And shockingly, they all moved with nothing breaking or falling off. You never know with these baking shows.

The problem came with the theme. The host Brad Smith, and the judges Ron Ben-Israel, Eddie Jackson, and Danni Rose were made to dress up like 80s rockstars, and…to say it was “cringe” would be an understatement. It’s hard to believe Food Network decided it was okay to air. And some of the contestants got a little too enthusiastic about it as well. It was hard to watch at some points.

But who took the top spot and the $10,000? That was the Cakemas Queens team! Their tattooed Santa display was the well-done and the cleanest when it came to the details.

Next week, three new groups of bakers will head to the Big Bake kitchen, and they will have to make cakes that show everyone at the North Pole getting up to no good.

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