How is Starbucks celebrating service members this Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is November 11 and for many restaurants, coffee shops, and stores, that means offering specials for our service members. From discounts to freebies, it seems as if there are any number of places celebrating our military members and veterans. So what is Starbucks doing this year to honor Veterans Day?

If you are veteran, an active duty service member, or even a military spouse and you are heading to Starbucks on Veterans Day, you can get either an iced or hot coffee in their Tall size for free. (For anyone unfamiliar with the sizing at Starbucks, the Tall is a small, 12 ounce coffee.)

But this free coffee deal is not the only thing that Starbucks is doing to support veterans and the military community as a whole. According to the press email we received the company, “is donating $100,000 each to Team Red, White & Blue and Travis Manion Foundation.”

Starbucks is offering a free coffee for Veterans Day 2023

Veterans Day is not the only day that Starbucks supports the military community. In fact, for the last 10 years they have been committed to supporting veterans and service members however they can, which includes hiring both military spouses and veterans at their locations nationwide.

On top of their hiring commitments, the company has also “worked to expand Starbucks Veteran Service Organizations partnerships to stores that are located on military bases and have partnered with Lyra Health to create training for personalized mental health support to Starbucks partners and military families.”

When it comes to companies who are doing their part to support their communities, it is clear that Starbucks is doing what they can for the people who work for them and those who serve. And we appreciate the fact that they are taking that commitment seriously in so many ways, which includes offering free coffees for the holiday.

Will you be taking advantage of this deal and getting a free coffee on Veterans Day? How will you be celebrating our service members and veterans?