ChainFEST shares its fun one-of-a-kind menu and it’s awesome

Chain Announces FULL MENU LINE-UP for ChainFEST – World’s First Gourmet Chain Food Festival. Image Courtesy of Chain.
Chain Announces FULL MENU LINE-UP for ChainFEST – World’s First Gourmet Chain Food Festival. Image Courtesy of Chain. /

ChainFEST isn’t headed to California until December. Until then, we have to salivate over the brand’s menu for the event.

Even if you aren’t able to attend, there is something to be said about the remixes they’ve done to some of our favorite chain restaurants. While this is the brand’s first festival, we can only hope it expands more in the future.

The restaurants featured are some of the best chains have to offer including Chili’s, Dunkin’, Jack in the Box, Panda Express, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Red Robin, and SONIC who each have massive followings. Due to that, I’d be more than excited to be able to try these.

If you’re able to attend or are just curious about some of the dishes being served at ChainFEST, let’s break it down.

See the amazing menu for the upcoming ChainFEST lineup.

Let’s start with Chili’s as that would be my first stop. I’m a Chili’s lover through and through. For ChainFEST, you can enjoy The Baby Back Ribwich which is a take on the classic rib sandwich with a Chain original BBQ sauce, and a sweet and spicy slaw before being finished off with a potato bun. Sounds like the perfect place to start as you can wash it down this a Don Julio Tequila x Chili’s Margarita.

Next up is Dunkin’ and talk about making the most of what you have as you can get get Donuts Three Ways at ChainFEST. There’s a spicy donut made with bacon brittle, Sriracha maple coating, and Chain’s “Spicy Bourbon Drizzle.” Then for a sweet donut, you can enjoy a buttermilk-based donut with a crème brûlée topping and caramel. For the third way, you can enjoy a “sippable donut” which is a Dunkin’ Glazed Donut Cold Brew with strawberry icing cold foam and a garnish of rainbow sprinkles.

Moving onto another savory option, we have Jack in the Box which will be serving up Jumbo-Sized Tiny Tacos. These are made with wagyu beef, Chain’s own taco sauce, and a special spice blend before being fried and served in beef tallow. It’s finished off with curly fries and Chain’s Munchie Sauce.

If that wasn’t enough, the curly fries are getting an upgrade in the VIP lounge as you can enjoy the beloved curlies with some crème fraiche and osetra caviar on top. If you’re excited about some Panda Express, you can try the Roy G Chicken which is four flavors of chicken including Szechuan Red, Tumeric Yellow, Basil-Mint Green, and the beloved Orange Chicken on a skewer.

For those craving a new sauce, you can try The Sweet, The Sour, and The Pepsi which is the ultimate partner to chicken tenders. Then for Pizza Hut, the Personal Pan Pizette comes in two tasty flavors: Buffalo Chicken Lover’s or ‘Shroom Supreme which can be topped with Chain’s Everything Pizza Shake and a dollop of truffle ricotta.

From Red Robin, you can get the MadLove Redux which is a burger made from dry-aged beef and bone marrow blend, a parm-jack-mozzarella mix, candied bacon, jalapeño relish, avocadoes, and tomatoes. Of course, it’s surrounded by a potato-brioche bun. This can also be made into a BBQ VeggieLove mushroom burger as well.

As for drinks, ChainFEST added a Red Robin Burgertini which is a savory cocktail made with tomatoes, vodka, beef bone broth, and pickle brine. I honestly want to try this so badly just to see how it tastes. The Burgertini has the ultimate garnish of bacon, brioche bun, cherry tomato, and pickle chip along with a Red Robin seasoning on its rim.

Last but not least, we’re on to SONIC and some of the beloved drive-in’s offerings which include the Corny-Crunchy Chili-Cheese Coney Dog. This is an all-beef corn dog topped with a Fritos Pie. You can also get remixes on your favorite Sonic drinks including a Dizzy Cherry Limeade which is spiked with Smirnoff Vodka along with an Ocean Water Blue Hawaiian which is spiked with Captain Morgan Rum.

Ultimately, this sounds like the ultimate mix of some chain restaurant faves but just a bit more elevated. ChainFEST seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun this December in Los Angeles so I’d love to know which dish or dishes you’d love to try!

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