Lance Bass partners with Boursin Cheese to celebrate the holiday season in style

Lance Bass on holiday entertaining and collaboration with Boursin Cheese. Image courtesy Maison Boursin
Lance Bass on holiday entertaining and collaboration with Boursin Cheese. Image courtesy Maison Boursin /

When you think of Lance Bass what comes to mind? For us, it is absolutely *NSYNC. But at the same time, there is so much more to the singer.

Did you know that not only is Bass a social media star in his own right, but he also loves to cook? And with the holidays upon us, there are a lot of reasons why people are going to be spending time in the kitchen.

To make life easier at the holidays, there are some things we reach for all the time. And Boursin Cheese is definitely on that list. So it might come as no surprise that Lance Bass himself has partnered with the brand to make holiday hosting easier and tastier than ever.

We had the opportunity to chat with the singer about this partnership and the holidays and if ever there was a time to get excited and snag some Boursin Cheese, now is the time.

Lance Bass talks about his partnership with Boursin Cheese and the holidays

Lance Bass
Lance Bass on holiday entertaining and collaboration with Boursin Cheese. Image courtesy Maison Boursin /

Guilty Eats: What made you want to work with Boursin on this particular collaboration?

Lance Bass: “Well, I mean, I am a super fan of Boursin for years and I think they took the hit because I tagged them a lot in a lot of social media posts because I use it a lot for my parties and in all these TikTok recipes that I find. So I think they’re like ‘let’s partner up and do a little collab with Lance,’ which is the perfect collab because I love to entertain. I love my Boursin and they really do help me make a stress free party. And so they’ve made me the maison Boursin host in residence, which is so perfect because I do like to simplify the entertaining and make all my little gatherings elevated, effortless, and I think people appreciate that.”

GE: So would you consider yourself the host with the most?

LB: “You better believe it! Even as a kid, I was always the one that hosted everything. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s, Easter, Fourth of July, I was the house that everyone came to and it always revolved around food. My family are incredible cooks and I learned so much from them and they threw some amazing gatherings. So yeah, I had some really great people to look up to.”

GE: Do you actually cook or do you leave that for other people?

LB: “I love to cook. Yes, cooking in the kitchen is my happy place. And you know I’ve made my non-cooking husband my sous chef. We watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay. So he’s learned a lot of different techniques but he’s really good at cleaning the kitchen, which is very key in preparing for a party because I destroy a kitchen even making a grilled cheese. So it’s nice to have someone kind of go behind me and just make everything clean again and so I don’t go through 50 spoons and about 5000 plates. So yeah, I love my little happy place. And my grandmother was the best cook, so I always have her staple dishes at all my holiday gatherings.”

Lance Bass on holiday entertaining and collaboration with Boursin Cheese. Image courtesy Maison Boursin
Lance Bass on holiday entertaining and collaboration with Boursin Cheese. Image courtesy Maison Boursin /

GE: Do you have like a special recipe that you use the Boursin with, because I know for some people it’s just spread it on a cracker and eat it but other people really make things with it.

LB: “Oh yeah, I mean, you can’t beat just taking the Boursin bites and just eating them. That is my midnight snack all the time. I make my charcuterie boards. That is the staple of the charcuterie board.

I mean, I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of recipes with Boursin and thanks to TikTok because there’s always a new TikTok recipe with Boursin which is incredible. I’m obsessed with that popular pasta because there’s only three ingredients in it. It’s super simple and it just keeps in your fridge for days so you can just eat on it.

And then I’ve learned just by doing this collaboration, a lot more recipes that they have given me like the crispy baked Boursin with hot honey. There’s Boursin stuffed mini peppers, the mashed potatoes are incredible. You throw that garlic and fine herb in your mashed potatoes and you will never make mashed potatoes another way again. But it always, to me, goes back to that pasta. It’s so simple. It’s just so easy and everyone just dies over it.”

GE: So we are called Guilty Eats, so I have to ask what is your guilty eat?

LB: “My guilty eat… Oh my gosh. I have many. Let’s see, these days now that I have developed diabetes in my later age any kind of dessert is now my guilty pleasure. And you know what, I’ll just take a little more insulin before I do it and I will have that bite of pecan pie.

One of my really weird guilty pleasures has been, even when I was a kid I did this, but I would go to a Subway and they had those pizza subs. You know like Italian pizza, but I would cover it with pickles and yellow mustard and people would get so disgusted by that. It does sound weird, but is one of the best tasting things ever. I don’t know why mustard and pickles are so good on a pizza.”

If you want to channel your inner Lance Bass, then you may want to snag some Boursin Cheese this holiday season! And maybe check out some of those TikTok recipes to explore all the ways that Boursin can elevate your holiday gatherings.

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