Golden Corral Thanksgiving Day 2023: What to know about their hours and menu

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want to eat. Places like Golden Corral make it easier than ever to figure out what you want to eat, even on Thanksgiving.

There is just something about a buffet that makes it so much easier to figure out what will satisfy your hunger. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or not, Golden Corral is a great choice for people looking to get their moneys worth. But what does Thanksgiving at Golden Corral look like? Are they even open?

According to the press email that we received, the answer is a resounding yes. Golden Corral will be open on Thanksgiving day. In fact, “all Golden Corral restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. – and even later in many markets.”

And not only that, but they also have a special menu for their buffet.

What to know about Golden Corral on Thanksgiving Day 2023

For the holiday season, Golden Corral will make sure that if you love those classic meals we all remember from our childhood. And of course, they are also making it easy to get meals to go and even meals for between six and eight people if you don’t have the time to cook up a holiday feast.

So what exactly is on the menu for the holidays? According to their promotional page for the holidays,

Our Holiday Buffet will feature Carved Roasted Turkey, Carved Holiday Glazed Ham, and Carved Holiday Beef Roast on the endless buffet along with all the traditional holiday favorites like Stuffing, Sweet Potato Casserole, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin & Pecan Pie.

Basically, if you love those classic holiday flavors and dishes, you are absolutely in luck this Thanksgiving season. (And if you really want to get that feast for Thanksgiving to go, you need to order no later than November 20!)

While we may not have considered a buffet for our holiday dining, it actually makes perfect sense. And with this kind of a menu to look forward to, why not give them a try this year?