Dunkin’ Thanksgiving hours: Here’s what we know

Calling All Pumpkin Enthusiasts! Pumpkin is headed back to Dunkin’. Image courtesy Dunkin’
Calling All Pumpkin Enthusiasts! Pumpkin is headed back to Dunkin’. Image courtesy Dunkin’ /

It’s Thanksgiving morning and your Aunt Myrtle just informed you that she forgot to get the coffee. Sure, she made certain she had all the ingredients for her godforsaken green bean casserole but not the coffee. She then asks if you could you run to Dunkin’ and get some for everyone.

No problem you mutter under your breath as you watch her take a can of mushroom soup out of the cabinet and grab your car keys. But as you head out the door you stop in your tracks and think to yourself “It’s Thanksgiving. Is Dunkin’ even open today?”

Lucky for you, the answer is yes. Most Dunkin’ locations are in fact open this Thanksgiving for all your coffee and donut needs.

Dunkin’ hours of operation will vary by location for Thanksgiving.

But while the majority of Dunkin’ locations will be open for business, their hours of operation may vary wildly depending on where they are. So before you head out the door and get in your car you may want to call or check online to make sure.

And it goes without saying that Dunkin’ will be back to regular hours on Black Friday. So if you find you need a quick donut sugar rush or maybe a shot of caffeine while doing your Christmas shopping, they will be there to help.

And remember, Aunt Myrtle may have forgotten the coffee, but there will be plenty of green bean casserole to go around. And probably lots of that weird cranberry sauce in the shape of the can that is always on the table too. But she gets a A for effort.

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