Hot Pockets wants to settle your thermostat wars this year

Thermostat wars in your home? Hot Pockets will pay you $500 'to chill.' Image Credit to Hot Pockets.
Thermostat wars in your home? Hot Pockets will pay you $500 'to chill.' Image Credit to Hot Pockets. /

While winter hasn’t officially begun, everyone is feeling the brisk change and wanting to bundle up or crack up the thermostat. Hot Pockets knows how it can be and is here to help.

Hot Pockets know a thing or two about being hot. I mean it’s in the name but the brand is looking to change the tides this year. For the holiday season, the company wants to put the “thermostat wars” to an end.

For 2023, the brand is putting cold-hard cash in the hands of those who are the “Thermostat Dad” or those who give similar vibes. You have until December 15th to enter and you have the chance at winning $500 along with a month’s supply of Hot Pockets.

How can Dad be mad when he’s not only getting paid but ends up with some free hot pockets? Hopefully, it’s enough to finally convince him to finally turn the thermostat up and make sure everyone is toasty.

Hot Pockets is here to settle the hotly debated thermostat issue.

To enter, all you have to do is go to the website, enter the info and then you’re entered to win. From there, it’s all hopes that you won’t have to pull out the extra sweater and blanket before Christmas. If you don’t win, at least you’ll be able to get some warmth from Hot Pockets.

Thermostat wars have long been an issue in many households and it’s fun to see Hot Pockets joining the conversation. As someone who has spent the majority of my life with a wood stove, this isn’t usually a conversation. If anything, there’s a chance I could cook a hot pocket on there.

Then again for those who are constantly arguing about it, this could be a game changer for the house. Plus getting a month’s supply of Hot Pockets is enough to get you excited if you’re a foodie. The real question is if the brand will let you pick the flavors or if you’ll end up with a variety of flavors.

Regardless, I wanted to feature this as I’m a huge fan of Hot Pockets and I know a lot of people would love something like this. Everyone is always looking for a little break and inflation can make that impossible. Thankfully, Hot Pockets knows what you’re looking for and will help your stress lessen a little.

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