Here’s how KFC is celebrating National Brownie Day on Dec. 8

KFC’s NEW Colonel’s Homestyle Brownie. Image courtesy KFC
KFC’s NEW Colonel’s Homestyle Brownie. Image courtesy KFC /

Did you know that December 8 is National Brownie Day? Well, KFC knows! And they want to celebrate this delicious treat with a deal.

Listen, when we go to KFC our first thought may not be dessert. However, there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting your order of crispy fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and coleslaw with a dessert. It just hits the spot.

And knowing that KFC offers dessert, it just makes sense that in honor of National Brownie Day, the brand would offer a special deal on this delicious treat. Because yes, KFC has brownies.

KFC is celebrating National Brownie Day on Dec. 8

So what exactly is the deal for National Brownie Day? I am so glad you asked. According to the email that we received,

"The 7×7 brownie is big enough to share with the whole family – or don’t, we won’t tell anyone – and available for just $5 when added to the $20 Fill Up Box or any KFC bucket meal ($6.99 à la carte).**"

That’s right, this is not just a tiny brownie, this is like a sheet of brownies that you can share or not. And what makes these brownies so special is the fact that they are like a homestyle brownie with chocolate chips in them. It’s fudgy and delicious and technically it’s brand new to the menu.

In the past, we have enjoyed the molten chocolate cake from KFC, and even chocolate chip cookies. But we love brownies, so we are so excited for KFC to offer these, even if it’s only temporarily. We love a dessert that we don’t have to make ourselves, and we especially love the fact that we can get our entire meal, dessert included, from one place.

We can’t wait to head to KFC on December 8 to enjoy their new brownies. And we will definitely be taking advantage of this particular deal. After all, a $20 Fill Up Box plus a sheet of brownies for $5 is the perfect way to start the weekend this holiday season.

Are you planning to enjoy a brownie for National Brownie Day? Will you be taking advantage of this particular offer? Are you a traditional brownie person or do you like the idea of chocolate chips in your brownie?

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