Joel McHale and Snickers team up for Tastebud Training and you can win too!

Joel McHale X SNICKERS Release Workout for Tastebuds. Image courtesy SNICKERS
Joel McHale X SNICKERS Release Workout for Tastebuds. Image courtesy SNICKERS /

Have you ever wondered how someone like Joel McHale preps for his Snickers? Probably not. But now we do know thanks to the partnership between the two.

If there is one thing we can all count on when it comes to Snickers, it is that they not only know how to deliver a delicious candy bar, but they also know what kinds of commercials will keep us entertained. And thanks to their latest collaboration, we can’t help but get the giggles on repeat.

And yes, Joel McHale is absolutely the reason for the giggles. Why? Because of this new tastebud training experience that is actually part of his collaboration with Snickers on their new Hi Protein bars of course.

Not only is McHale making us laugh thanks to his tastebud training videos, but if you are a lucky winner of their current sweepstakes, you too can get a lesson in how to get those tastebuds ready for a Snickers Hi Protein bar experience.

You could win a tastebud training with Snickers and Joel McHale

Joel McHale X SNICKERS Release Workout for Tastebuds. Image courtesy SNICKERS
Joel McHale X SNICKERS Release Workout for Tastebuds. Image courtesy SNICKERS /

According to the press email that we received about this collaboration we learned that,

"From November 29 through December 13, fans can visit, to enter the sweepstakes for a chance at epic rewards like a solo training session with Joel McHale and his trainer and free SNICKERS Hi Protein bars, while supplies last."

So what does Joel McHale have to say about his collaboration? We had the chance to ask him ourselves!

According to the comedian, host, and actor:

"Snickers is one of the most iconic brands in American history. And then they came to me and were like, we’re putting out a thing called Snickers hi protein, 20 grams of protein by the way, four grams of sugar. And they were like ‘do you want to do a humorous ad?’Spencer, the trainer in the ad, is my actual trainer. I have literally known him since 2005. And he’s a really funny guy and Snickers was very nice to hire both of us and so we did these wonderful tastebud training, ridiculous and funny exercises.And you know, it’s a send up of training and, and hopefully gets the word out there because I ate about five of these bars on set, unsolicited just sitting there looking at the set like, Oh, um, I’ve eaten an entire one again. So it’s been a really fun partnership. And they sent me a couple boxes. Which I get really excited about."

We also wanted to know what it was like on set and how hard it was to keep a straight face. Because of course, this is meant to be a fun video and something that not only introduces people to these Snickers Hi Protein bars in a new way, but also makes people laugh.

McHale explained what it was like on set working on this campaign:

"We’re sitting there on camera, doing like the lip drill, the face flexing and practicing the satisfied smile, and I was like, ‘this is so wonderfully ridiculous.’ And it’s a good idea because it’s like, see you’re training your tastebuds while doing it.When I have the barbell across my lips and that’s going up and down and Spencer’s yelling at me I was just like, ‘this is so funny and ridiculous and it’s so great.’ It’s a really good idea and I broke a lot. When you shoot something like that everyone has to be quiet because they want to get the audio. And then there’s silence during the take, other than me making noises and Spencer and then I’m like, ‘I think this is funny.’ Then they would say cut and then there would be laughing, so I was very happy and it was hard to get through.When I bumped him out of the way and grab the bar that was very nice of Snickers to leave that in. And sometimes when I do these things, a lot of the time they can be super uptight or not sure what they want. But this one, it was a fun set. And the jokes were really good. It was just a good time."

Honestly, if you watch the commercial for yourself, you will know immediately what he means and you may just want to experience it for yourself. This is why we highly suggest signing up for the sweepstakes! Not only is this your chance to win Snickers Hi-Protein bars, but it is also your opportunity to experience tastebud training with Joel McHale and his trainer!

We have to admit that chatting with McHale was an amazing and hysterical experience. It was hard to keep a straight face and the chat derailed plenty of times in the very best ways. So you already know that the training video is going to hysterical in its own right!

Check out the video here:

And don’t forget to sign up to win. You know you want to!

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