Squishmallows Happy Meals are heading to McDonald’s in the US this month

Squishmallows Happy Meal launches at McDonald’s USA
Squishmallows Happy Meal launches at McDonald’s USA /

It is finally happening! After successful launches in other countries, McDonald’s in the U.S. is finally getting the extremely popular Squishmallows Happy Meal starting this month.

That’s right, December is going out with a bang, at least if you are a fan of McDonald’s and Squishmallows! According to the press release we received from McDonald’s,

"The wait is over and it’s time to get your squish on as the Squishmallows® Happy Meal® makes its debut at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.The partnership launched in select global markets earlier this year and now, for a limited time while supplies last, U.S. fans can join in on the fun when the meal hits participating restaurants nationwide on December 26."

The Squishmallows Happy Meal is set to debut at U.S. McDonald’s locations starting on December 26

Squishmallows Happy Meal launches at McDonald’s USA
Squishmallows Happy Meal launches at McDonald’s USA /

For fans of Squishmallows, not only is this exciting news just in general, but the fact that there are 12 different characters we can collect is amazing. Not only is Grimace getting the Squishmallow treatment (we need this one in our lives now), but they are even doing a mystery character! Plus, classic characters that you can get in larger sizes are also getting the mini-treatment in order to be part of the experience.

This is a fun opportunity to for fans of both brands to come together to collect their favorites or all 12! And not only is their a Squishmallow in your Happy Meal, but according to the press release, there is also a musical component to this news as well.

"For even more fun, each character comes with a unique playlist, courtesy of Universal Music Group – a first for Happy Meal toys! Families can scan the QR code on the Happy Meal box to access each Squish’s playlist, which have been carefully curated based off their unique and fun personalities."

Every bit of this collaboration sounds fun to us and we can’t wait to start collecting these mini Squishmallows. The fact that these start dropping at McDonald’s the day after Christmas means that we are definitely ending 2023 and December with a bit of fun.

We can’t wait to get our own squish on and start collecting these pint-sized characters. We already know we want to find the tiny Grimace and if we happen to collect all 12, who can blame us. I already know that my own mother will be hopping around to the local McDonald’s locations to see who all she can collect! So will you be doing the same?

Are you excited for the arrival of these Squishmallow Happy Meals? Will you be collecting them all? What do you think the mystery character will be?

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