5 unexpected Pi Day deals on pie and more that you may want to take advantage of

Key Lime Pie from Marie Callender's. Image courtesy Marie Callender's
Key Lime Pie from Marie Callender's. Image courtesy Marie Callender's /

If you didn't already know, March 14 is Pi Day, the day associated with Pi or the "mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter." It is a big deal in mathematical circles (pun intended). But, many brands pies, including pizza pies, love to celebrate the day as well. Because while there is a National Pie Day and days dedicated to specific flavors of pie, there is something fun about celebrating Pi Day with actual pies.

And in 2024, it might come as no surprise to learn that there are ton of deals to be had for Pi Day. But what are some of the more unexpected deals? What are the deals we are most interested in taking advantage of?

Pi Day 2024 deals that you may not want to miss

PollysPies-Ecom-Bundles- Birthday-championmgt
Ring in Spring with Polly’s Pies’ Bakery Bundles - Available for Nationwide Shipping. Image courtesy Polly’s Pies /

One of my favorite Pi Day deals comes from Marie Callender's. The brand, which is known for their frozen pies that are both ready to eat and ready to bake, is offering a deal that goes perfect with the idea of Pi. According to the press email we received, "On March 14, head to mariecallendersmeals.com to claim a special online offer of $3.14 off select Marie Callender’s frozen multi-serve dessert pies when shopping online at select retailers including Walmart, Kroger and Amazon Fresh, while supplies last!"

Another interesting Pi Day deal comes from Noodles & Co. While we may not be able to get pie from them, this deal is still one to consider taking advantage of. In their press email they explained that on March 14 a, "Pi Day burst moment offers Rewards Members $3.14 shareable with the purchase of a regular entrée."

Are you a fan of Schlotzsky’s? Do you like their flatbread or pizza? Then you may want to take advantage of their Pi Day deal if you are a rewards member. The deal will save you $3.14 (of course) off of either a pizza or flatbread of your choice.

Want to save on pies delivered to your door? Then this deal from Goldbelly is going to be a win all around. According to the press email we received on behalf of Goldbelly, they are offering an impressive 31.4% off of their pies! You can save on a cannoli pie, a key lime pie, a New York style pizza pie, and so much more. And that might just be the best deal of the day since you can mix and match your favorite pies, save money, and get them delivered to you!

Finally, we have an epic deal from Polly's Pies, the home of delicious pies and quiches based out of Southern California. In honor of Pi Day, Polly's Pies is not only letting you add the Pi symbol to the crust of any pie, but they are also offering, "Buy a pie, get one half-off for online orders with code SPRINGBOGO (available for nationwide shipping)." It's a steal of a deal if you have never tried any of their pies. And it is definitely a deal we recommend taking advantage of.

There are so many deals this year for Pi Day, but we thought it might be fun to look for some interesting and outside of the box deals.

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