A new Rae Dunn collection inspired by Ratatouille is heading to HomeGoods

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If there is one movie from Pixar and Disney that we cannot resist as foodies, it would have to be Ratatouille. There is something very fun and special about this particular movie. So whenever we see merchandise that represents the characters from this film, and the story itself, we need to know all about it.

And thanks to a new post on Instagram from Magenta Inc., we know that there is a new collection of mugs inspired by Ratatouille coming out at HomeGoods this January. These mugs come from the brand Rae Dunn, and at least one of these mugs is a must have for fans of the movie!

The mug we are the most obsessed with features our little chef rat on the side holding a wooden spoon with his white hat on and on the front it reads, “Le Petit Chef.” It is a super cute mug, that we just have to have as not only fans of the movie, but also as foodies.

Rae Dunn is dropping Ratatouille inspired mugs at HomeGoods in January

Of course, the character mug is not the only one in the collection, as there is also a mug that has a spot for a wooden spoon in the handle with the words “Anyone Can Cook,” on one side and the image of our chef rat on the other.

Basically, it looks like there are three super cute mugs for us to choose from and we can’t wait to see them in person. We are big fans of the size of typical Rae Dunn mugs, so these are definitely going to be on our January wish list. While we do not know exactly how much these will cost us, we already know that since these will be found at HomeGoods, they probably won’t break the bank.

Check out the post featuring the three Ratatouille mugs here:

What do you think of this collection of mugs? Are you excited for these to hit HomeGoods stores in January?

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