AMC Theatres is celebrating National Popcorn Day in style with the help of Loungefly

AMC Theatres Reopens In New York City
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Did you know that January 19 is National Popcorn Day? And in honor of this iconic theater snack, it only makes sense that AMC Theatres would go all out in order to celebrate this treat that so many of us enjoy when watching a movie on the big screen. And what better way to do that then with the help of the iconic brand Loungefly.

According to a post shared on the AMC Instagram, coming soon we will be able to enjoy our very own popcorn bucket inspired Crossbody bag. This bag truly looks like a bucket of fresh popped popcorn, right down to the perfect placement of the popcorn pile on top.

Along the side of the bucket, it looks like they have embroidered “AMC perfectly popcorn, the perfect bite every time.” And if you have ever enjoyed popcorn at an AMC theater, then you know that this message is correct. What makes this Crossbody bag even more special is the fact that it apparently includes a plastic sleeve to go on the inside of your bag so you can actually store your movie theater popcorn right inside of your bag.

Loungefly has teamed up with AMC Theatres to give us a popcorn bucket inspired crossbody bag in 2024

It is clear that Loungefly and AMC have thought of everything when it comes to this limited edition popcorn bucket bag. And yes, the plastic sleeve that goes inside of your bag is able to be cleaned for reuse.

With National Popcorn Day falling on January 19, we expect that this bag will actually be released on the same day (although the post from AMC Theatres doesn’t specify the exact release day). And we are pretty excited about that. We never thought we needed a handbag to show off our love of popcorn, but this particular bucket shaped crossbody bag has completely changed our minds.

Honestly, we want this bag in our lives ASAP and we can’t wait to learn how we can get our hands on one of these beauties.

Want to see what the bag looks like? Check it out below:

What do you think of this popcorn bucket inspired crossbody bag? Would you rock one of these?

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