Baskin-Robbins brings back Beach Day — and this year it’s for baddies only

Delicious ice cream and good vibes for beach baddies everywhere.
Beach Day Shake and Sundae - credit: Baskin-Robbins
Beach Day Shake and Sundae - credit: Baskin-Robbins /

As the summer heat creates sweltering conditions across the country, many are seeking ways to cool down. Ice cream fans, specifically Baskin-Robbins ones, can rejoice as Beach Day returns nationwide on July 1.

Headlined by the popular Beach Day Ice Cream, the lineup will also include a new Beach Day Shake and Sundae. Per PR provided to Guilty Eats from Baskin-Robbins, here's the full breakdown of the summer release.

  • Beach Day Ice Cream: A salted vanilla-flavored ice cream swimming with milk chocolate-flavored caramel-filled sea turtles, frosting flecks, and swirls of graham cracker "sand".
  • Beach Day Shake: A caramel praline drizzle and graham cracker "sand" topping.
  • Beach Day Sundae: Two scoops of the fan-favorite flavor paired with caramel praline topping, graham cracker "sand", and a delicious waffle cone chip
  • Beach Day Pre-Packaged Quarts available to be delivered to your home

"With Beach Day fans requesting the return of their favorite ice cream year-round, we wanted to bring the flavor back in a big way," said Jerid Grandinetti, Vice President of Marketing & Culinary at Baskin-Robbins.

Along with the food side of it comes the opportunity to be a Beach Day Baddie. The title represents the fans who fought hard to get the company to bring Beach Day back in session. Enter model Hunter McGrady, who has partnered with Baskin Robbins to serve as the ultimate baddie.

Those who want to rock some Baskin-Robbins drip to pair with their tasty ice cream can visit on July 1. On there, they will have access to the Beach Day collection -- featuring canvas tote bags, tumblers, crew necks, coolers, pin sets, and more while supplies last.

Now, it is time for me to be a beach day baddie and grab some delicious ice cream to conquer this heat. Besides, is there anything better than Baskin-Robbins in July?

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