Baskin-Robbins celebrates Father’s Day with an ice cream cake shaped like a mug of beer

They’ve also got a golf one, but, you know: mug of beer.
Best Cake By Par and The Cold One Cake - credit: Baskin-Robbins
Best Cake By Par and The Cold One Cake - credit: Baskin-Robbins /

If there are two things Dads love, it’s golf and beer. I know I’m a dad, and I’ve definitely played golf a lot. Love golf. That’s the one with the stick and the ball, right? Good stuff. Anyway, Dads love that, and if you love Dad this Father’s Day then there’s no better way of celebrating him than with the third thing Dads love: ice cream.

Luckily, Baskin-Robbins has your hook-up with two absolutely wild ice cream cakes. The first one is the new Best Dad by Par Cake, which is a round ice cream cake with a cute little golf design on it.

But the real draw here, let’s be honest, is the returning Cold One Cake. Shaped like a mug of beer, based on the pics provided to Guilty Eats by Baskin-Robbins, I couldn’t wrap my head around this. Is it lying flat, so it’s half a mug of beer? That seems reasonable, right?

Not so, based on further research! In fact, this is a cake shaped like a mug of beer the way you would normally expect a mug of beer to be standing. It’s a full, round cake with a “frosty” head appropriately made of frosting. And while the Baskin-Robbins website itself was light on details, presumably this is your basic cake inside and does not taste like beer. Too bad, I say!

If you do want to order either of these cakes for your father (or yourself), Baskin-Robbins has a Father’s Day deal for you, too. Up until June 15, aka Saturday, if you order any ice cream cake through the Baskin-Robbins app, use the code DAD on check-out. Orders of $35 or more (on the ice cream cakes) will get $5 off.

So there you go. Grab your Dad a cold frosty one cheap this Father’s Day. And by “cold frosty one” we mean “ice cream cake,” of course.

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