Baskin-Robbins x IF Menu finally answers the question: What does Steve Carrell taste like?

Baskin-Robbins’ May flavor line-up expands dramatically with a big screen tie-in.
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IF, the new family fantasy film from John Krasinski, is hitting theaters on May 17, 2024. And in honor of that, Baskin-Robbins is dreaming big this month with not one, but two new flavors added to the lineup, inspired by the movie. And not only that, they’re also adding some new ways to chow down on the ice cream – and a few real-world tie-ins, too.

Let’s talk about flavors, first. In the movie, we meet IFs, aka Imaginary Friends (you get it). Two of the main IFs are Blue, voiced by Steve Carrell, and Blossom, voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. So naturally, we’ve got two flavors inspired by the looks of the characters, and not what Steve Carrell tastes like (sorry, I lied in the headline). Here’s what Baskin-Robbins had to say about Blue’s Boardwalk Bash, and Blossom’s Berry Twirl, per a press release provided to Guilty Eats:

  • Blue’s Boardwalk Bash is inspired by the IF character ‘Blue’ from the film. A carnival in a cup, the new flavor combines blue raspberry-flavored ice cream with crunchy OREO Cookie Pieces and cotton candy swirls.
  • Blossom’s Berry Twirl is as sweet as ‘Blossom’ herself and combines strawberry and sweet cream ice creams with rainbow sprinkles and pink sugar cookie dough flowers.
Baskin-Robbins IF Movie Menu
Baskin-Robbins IF Movie Menu /

Not to get too personal here, but my son’s favorite three flavors, in order, are: 1) blue raspberry, 2) OREO cookies, and 3) cotton candy. So there’s a pretty good chance Baskin-Robbins and/or John Krasinki has been bugging my house.

Beyond the flavors, you’ve got Blue and Blossom Creature Creations, which add a specialty cup and a white chocolate topper to your ice cream, to make ‘em look like IFs. It’s pretty cute if you’ve seen any of the Creature Creations cups before.

Last but not least is the What IF? Sundae, which takes a piece of confetti cake, adds two scoops of Blossom’s Berry Twirl, strawberry topping, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, a cherry, and hopefully an epi-pen as well, though that was not noted in Baskin-Robbins’ release.

“As we grow up with all of life’s complications and curveballs, it’s easy to lose sight of our childlike wonder,” said Jerid Grandinetti, Vice President of Marketing & Culinary at Baskin-Robbins said via the release. “In collaboration with the IF Movie, we are excited to help guests rediscover their imagination and celebrate all of life’s little wonders with our delicious lineup of frozen treats.”

“Baskin-Robbins is one of the most iconic and beloved brands in the world, and we are thrilled to partner with them on IF,” added Michelle Hagen, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Brand Partnerships at Paramount Pictures. “The Baskin-Robbins experience celebrates the “what if” opportunity in every moment, in every flavor, and every delicious creation, and its ‘seize the yay’ philosophy embodies everything that moviegoers will experience when they see IF in theatres.”

I’m glad they’re happy, they should be friends.

Beyond what’s available in your local store, Baskin-Robbins and IF are launching Imagination Station, a site that allows fans to draw their own IF and then see it come to life. You’ll also get a buy one scoop, get one 50% offer at the same time.

And if you live in Los Angeles, on May 18 the Santa Monica Pier is going to have a Coney Island-Inspired Treat Your Imagination 4D Photo Booth from 1 pm to 7 pm local time. There, fans can grab the two new flavors, check out a photo booth, and have the chance to win free ice cream for a year.

For what it’s worth, speaking as a native New Yorker, there is literally a Baskin-Robbins on the actual Coney Island. But go ahead, Californians. Have your fun.

You can check out the new flavors in stores everywhere, starting today.

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