Budweiser goes old school for new Super Bowl ad

Budweiser is giving fans a big dose of nostalgia with “Old School Delivery,” their new television ad which will air during Super Bowl LVIII.
Budweiser Super Bowl LIV commercial, photo provided by Budweiser
Budweiser Super Bowl LIV commercial, photo provided by Budweiser /

Over the decades the Super Bowl has become an American institution, as much a part of our cultural consciousness as apple pie, Budweiser or Superman. Once a year we all gather around our televisions and watch an event together in a way that has become a rarity in today's world. 

While many will be watching Super Bowl LVIII for the football or maybe a chance to see Taylor Swift, others will be watching so they can see the latest batch of television ads that everyone will be talking about on Monday morning. 

Budweiser has been running ads during the Super Bowl for what feels like forever. And almost without fail they prove to be among the most popular with the viewers. And after the year the beer maker had in 2023, some good publicity could be just what they need. 

This year's Budweiser Super Bowl ad is directed by Emmy-award winner Alex Henry Rubin.

This year's ad is titled “Old School Delivery” and when they say old school, they really mean it. Because if you're talking about beer being delivered then that can mean only one thing. The return of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales.

The Clydesdales are making their 46th Super Bowl appearance this year and are bringing along the Labrador that was featured in the beloved “Puppy Love” ad from 2014. And once you watch the ad, you can see that Budweiser has another winner on their hands. It evokes a fun sense of nostalgia that few other advertisers can even come close to.

To celebrate the return of the Budweiser Clydesdales, the beer maker will be using them to make deliveries around Las Vegas leading up to kick off at Allegiant Stadium. 

According to Kristina Punwani, Head of Marketing at Budweiser USA, the Super Bowl and Bud just belong together. 

"“Budweiser has been synonymous with the Super Bowl for decades and the broadcast continues to be a very special moment for our brand and a core pillar of our advertising strategy. This year, we’re thrilled to bring our fans a piece of the traditional Super Bowl entertainment that they know and love from Budweiser: the iconic Clydesdales. We knew there was no better way to show Budweiser’s continued commitment to delivering for its fans than with our biggest celebrities.”"

Kristina Punwani

You can watch the new ad on YouTube right now or see it during Super Bowl LVIII when the Chiefs take on the 49ers on February 11. 

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