Burger King is adding Mozzarella Fries and we need them ASAP!

Would you like Mozzarella Fries with that? Yes, Burger King, always! 
Burger King Fast Food Restaurant
Burger King Fast Food Restaurant / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

Burger King has quietly started to drop a new permanent menu item this month: Mozzarella Fries! The rumors are true, foodies, and these may be the next big thing in the fast food world. This addition is part of Burger King’s “Fries, Your Way” menu, which also includes Chicken Fries and sweet Churro Fries. 

Whispers about Burger King taste-testing Mozzarella Fries in select locations surfaced over a year ago. Specifically, we caught the news from Live Now Fox in February 2023. It was quiet right after, though, so we assumed this was either fake news, or the Mozzarella Fries failed to impress the test market. However, it turns out the people of Columbus, Ohio, are just really good at keeping secrets! Foodies in Ohio were the lucky ones who got to try the Mozzarella Fries, first. Now, are we mad about the gatekeeping? A little upset, yes, but all is forgiven now that BK is allowing more locations to have it their way. 

Just like all other taste experiments, if the Mozzarella Fries became a hit in Ohio, Burger King would then share them with the rest of the world (or, at least, make them available in more locations). And, as Chew Boom reports, the tests have been successful! Ohio loves the Mozzarella Fries. 

Watch this review from Peep THIS Out! on YouTube and tell me you don’t instantly crave your own batch of Mozzarella Fries. 

From what we see, the Mozzarella Fries are essentially mozzarella cheese sticks, but they stand out by featuring a BK spin. These are shaped like fries, meaning they are thinner than regular breaded cheese sticks, and longer, too. But the biggest difference is that Burger King’s Mozzarella Fries are created with the fast food chain’s beloved seasoning and breading. And, of course, every order comes with a side of tasty marinara sauce. 

Mozzarella Fries are already rolling out across the states 

The YouTube review we shared above is coming from Southern California, which means that this treat has already headed to other locations. I checked my local Burger King and they also have the Mozzarella Fries available! I only wish I had checked sooner. But since these will be joining the menu as a permanent addition, it’s never too late.

When you go to pick up an order of BK's Mozzarella Fries, be sure to also get a Birthday Pie Slice, available starting today. I just had one and it is delicious! Stay tuned for my full review.

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