Burger King announces new Fiery Big Fish Sandwich

Burger King is expanding their seafood offerings with a spicy take on their fish sandwich in the form of the Fiery Big Fish Sandwich.
After closing abruptly, Burger King at 210 E. State St. in downtown Jacksonville became a makeshift
After closing abruptly, Burger King at 210 E. State St. in downtown Jacksonville became a makeshift / Teresa Stepzinski/Florida Times-Union /

How do you know Lent is right around the corner? All the assorted fast food chains, including Burger King, are falling over each other to announce their seafood offerings for the season. If you adore fish sandwiches, then your time has arrived. 

For as long as anyone can remember Burger King has included a fish sandwich as part of their year round menu. It's been called numerous things over the years, including the Ocean Catch and, in a sublime piece of marketing, the Whaler. It's currently called the Big Fish Sandwich and it's a fairy accurate title.

The Big Fish Sandwich includes a white Alaskan pollock fillet that has been coated in panko breading and then topped with lettuce, pickles and tartar sauce all on a brioche-style roll. And yes, it's a pretty sizable sandwich. 

Now Burger King has announced that they are giving it a spicy makeover for the Lenten season. Get ready for the Fiery Big Fish Sandwich.

The Spicy Big Fish Sandwich will only be available at Burger King for a limited time.

In case the incredibly innovative name wasn't a dead giveaway, the Fiery Big Fish Sandwich puts a spicy spin on the Burger King classic fish sandwich. 

The Fiery Big Fish Sandwich is identical to a standard Big Fish Sandwich. Same Alaskan pollock fillet, same toppings. The difference is that the fillet has been dipped in a spicy glaze that will be sure to wake up your taste buds.

As if that wasn't enough of a reason to try one, Burger King is making you an offer you can't refuse. From February 14 until March 28, you can score a deal on a classic Big Fish Sandwich through their Royal Perks program. Order any regular priced item through the app and get a Big Fish Sandwich for just $2. 

The new Fiery Big Fish Sandwich will be available at Burger King locations nationwide starting on February 14 for a limited time. 

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