Is Burger King about to add a Candied Bacon Whopper to the menu?

An anonymous BK employee is teasing a brand-new burger that is supposedly hitting the menu today. But there might be way more to it.
Fast Food Giant Burger King
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Is Burger King about to add a Candied Bacon Whopper to its menu? According to a food blogger on Instagram, the delectable sounding burger is about to drop today. Or is it?

In a post from Markie_devo, a food blogger based in Brooklyn, an anonymous employee of the burger chain reportedly shared a photo of the breakdown of the Candied Bacon Whopper, as well as the news that it would be hitting stores on “the last week of Jan.”

According to the pic, the new Whopper comes topped with sweet bacon jam, garlic aioli, candied bacon, and crispy onions. That’s in addition to lettuce, tomato, and of course the burger and seeded bun. In addition, the picture of the Candied Bacon Whopper comes with the text: “Can you top this? Submit your idea at”

Markie_devo also plugs in the Instagram caption that an additional item is hitting stores today, the Fiery Big Fish Sandwich, which “features the same build as the regular fish sandwich just with a creamy spicy sauce.”

In addition, the blogger mentions that both items should be available in many Burger King locations today, January 29, 2024. However, a look at both the Burger King website and a local New York menu is missing both items. To quote Caddyshack: well? We’re waiting!

Guilty Eats has reached out to Burger King for comment, but in the meantime a little speculation here. The picture certainly looks legit; though the logo at the top seems to read “Million Dollar Whopper Comedy,” which implies that perhaps this is a fake.

However, a more likely culprit here is something plugged right on the Burger King homepage. BK has a spot on the front teasing “This is big,” with a date of February 5, 2024. Under that, it reads, “BIG Whopper news is about to drop. Soon you’ll be able to put your spin on the iconic flame-grilled Whopper.” There’s also an option to sign up for text updates from Burger King, which I hope takes the form of them texting you “u up?” at midnight followed by a picture of a cheeseburger.

Anyway, point being that perhaps this Candied Bacon Whopper is teasing that you now have a ton of different options for your Whopper, with just a few of them being sweet bacon jam, garlic aioli, candied bacon, and crispy onions. And further speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of Million Dollar Whopper contest tied to this, where the best Whopper idea gets added to the menu. Again, purely speculation here, but it sounds like the sort of thing the King would do.

We’ll update this piece if more info is provided, or if this scrumptious-looking Whopper pops up later today.

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