Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy review: A beverage that is a cold blast from the past

Have you tried BK's Frozen Cotton Candy drink? Run, don't walk to your nearest Burger King.
Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy
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There are so many fast food restaurants to choose from, but each one stands out with what they do best! And, in my opinion, Burger King is, well, King, when it comes to desserts! This isn't even up for discussion. The Burger King dessert menu has something for everybody. But if you need more convincing, how about the latest Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy beverage? Here's why you need to run, not walk, to your local BK.

Before we dive into all the tasty details about the Frozen Cotton Candy beverage, allow me to prove my point about Burger King desserts. For starters, we have the Hershey's Sundae Pie, which is really all I need to say. Burger King's Hershey's Sundae Pie is an elite fast-food dessert! But BK also offers Oreo shakes, soft-serve ice cream, taro pie, banana pie...I mean, come on! And that's not even all they offer.

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Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy /

The new Frozen Cotton Candy beverage is a blue raspberry cold blast from the past as it takes you back to your childhood days. It'll remind you of the times your parents would buy you a bag of sweet and fluffy cotton candy while out at a carnival or the ballpark. But BK's version of it is 11 times better. Why? For starters, it's a beverage. A COLD beverage, something we really need right about now as the weather warms up. Be careful, though! Don't sip BK's Frozen Cotton Candy beverage too quickly or you'll suffer a brain freeze. And don't forget: You can add a cold foam cloud to the Frozen Cotton Candy drink, just as you can to any BK beverage (for an additional charge).

Now, is the new BK drink overpoweringly sweet? No. But, if you typically don't enjoy sweet treats, you may not enjoy the Frozen Cotton Candy drink. What I would suggest is to purchase the smallest size available at your local Burger King. If you are only in your cravings and don't necessarily want a meal, I suggest pairing BK's mozzarella cheese sticks with the fast food stop's Frozen Cotton Candy -- it's the best combination. This is also great for those who are not looking to have their taste buds overpowered by sweetness. If you sip responsibly, the frozen drink will hit just the right spot!

Burger King's Frozen Cotton Candy beverage is available at participating restaurants and only here for a limited time -- sip it while you can! The new BK beverage dropped in early April.

Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy. A. When sipped responsibly, BK's Frozen Cotton Candy is not overwhelmingly sweet, making it the perfect dessert beverage for all taste buds. . . Burger King Frozen Cotton Candy

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