Burger King brings the heat with five brand new items on its Fiery Menu

Summer is heating up in more ways than one.
Burger King introduces all new Fiery Menu - credit: Burger King
Burger King introduces all new Fiery Menu - credit: Burger King /

Are you ready for Burger King to bring the heat this summer? After years of spicy menu items, BK is going full-on hot with their brand new Fiery Menu, which includes five new items that range from mild to flamin’ hot.

The five items that will debut on July 18 for a limited time in stores nationwide include: Fiery Mozzarella Fries; Fiery Chicken Fries; Fiery Bacon Whopper; Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich; and a Fiery Strawberry & Sprite drink.

"We know that our Guests crave spice packed full of flavor when they come to BK, but spice looks different for everybody," says Pat O'Toole, Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King North America via press release. "As a brand that is built on letting Guests "Have It Your Way", we're excited to offer a range of products that appeal to everyone – from those who want just a little kick to those who can't get enough heat."

Helpfully, BK has included a “Spice Level” for each item, ranging from least spicy (the Fiery Strawberry & Sprite) to most spicy (Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich). So let’s talk about ‘em in that order, too.

Starting at Spice Level 1, the Fiery Strawberry & Sprite mixes “Fiery strawberry puree” with Sprite for an embrace of the ol’ swicy trend.

Moving up to Spice Level 2, you’ve got your Fiery Mozzarella Fries, which are the brand’s take on mozzarella sticks. These are filled with both cheese and peppers and come with Fiery Calabrian pepper breading for an extra dash of heat. You can get them in orders of four, eight, or 12.

Is it hot in here, or is it just Spice Level 3? That’s reserved for the Fiery Bacon Whopper, which is a Whopper – ¼ pound beef patty, tomatoes, and lettuce – but subs out some of the regular items for spicy items. You’ve got some Fiery-seasoned bacon, pepper jack cheese, and Fiery sauce. And of course it comes on a sesame seed bun.

Uhoh, call the fire department, it’s Spice Level 4. Fiery Chicken Fries are also available in orders of four, eight, or 12, and are the regular Chicken Fries – i.e., thin sticks of fried boneless chicken – covered in Fiery seasoning, as well as garlic and pepper breading.

That’s it, you’ve spontaneously combusted, because here we are at Spice Level 5 for the Fiery Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich. That’s crispy chicken, with tomatoes, and lettuce on a bun, with all the Fiery toppings you can imagine… Fiery glaze for the chicken, Fiery bacon, pepper jack cheese, and Fiery sauce.

Too hot? That’s okay, because Burger King is also adding Hidden Valley Ranch dip cups to cool you down. They’re included with the Chicken or Mozzarella Fries – and is a permanent addition to the menu.

So not that we needed the extra heat in this blazing hot summer, but it’s coming anyway at Burger King on July 18.

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