Burger King Philly Melt Review: This Is Going to Be a Hard Pass for Me

I tried the Burger King Philly Melt so you don't have to, and you owe me big time!
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Burger King has been on a roll these past several months, cooking up tasty dish after dish! Before daring myself to try the chain's Philly Melt, I enjoyed the Burger King Birthday Pie Slice. I loved it more than I thought I would and have returned for one (or two) since. My tastebud's most recent venture, though? The Philly Melt.

First, the details! This isn't the first time BK has featured melts on their menu, these sandwiches are actually pretty popular with fans of the fast food chain. Not all of them are hits, of course, but enough for Burger King to continue bringing these back. So consider this review my "unpopular opinion," but lie to you I shall not! The Philly Melt consists of two burger patties overpacked with peppers and onions, and BK's sauce overflows between each ingredient. All of this is hugged by two pieces of bread. Oh, and there is also supposed to be melted Swiss cheese somewhere in there (more on this below).

Now, when it comes to fast food chains, you can't complain too much about the look of your food or the accuracy. These are quick, on-the-go meals and you get what you pay for. However, some chains get it right more often than others. From my experience, McDonald's and Burger King are the two that get my order wrong most of the time. Whether the pickles were forgotten or the entire order is incorrect, you never know what you're going to get at McD's and BK! That said, my Philly Melt had no signs of cheese, and this is a big fail.

Come on, BK! The main ingredient here should be deliciously melted Swiss cheese. After all, that's what makes a melt a melt. Instead, my Philly Melt was stuffed to the max with peppers and onions, and BK was very generous with its sauce, too. So much so, that the toasted bread was soggy more than toasted. No cheese and soggy bread? Already a fail in my book. But to top it all off, the heavy amount of peppers and onions killed any possible flavor.

The risk of BK getting this wrong is too high for me to want to order the Philly Melt again. But hey, at least my tastebuds had something sweet to wash this away -- the Birthday Pie Slice.

BK Philly Melt. F. The BK Philly Melt is a hard pass for me. It fails to create a flavor worthy of my tastebuds, overpowering them instead with two pieces of mushy bread trying to hold peppers and onions together.. . Burger King Philly Melt

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