Carvel celebrates 90 years of screaming for ice cream with a brand new flavor: Birthday Cake

Plus they’ve got new celebratory cups, merch, and more.
Carvel Birthday Cake Lineup - credit: Carvel
Carvel Birthday Cake Lineup - credit: Carvel /

Back in 1929, Tom Carvel borrowed $15 from his wife to buy an ice cream truck. Carvel drove that truck around for five years, but it wasn’t until he had a flat tire and got stuck in Hartsdale, New York that Carvel exploded (not literally) into the sensation it is today. That myth-making flat tire occurred over Memorial Day in 1934, so while technically Carvel has been selling ice cream for over 95 years, it’s celebrated as the 90th birthday of the brand this week. And to celebrate that occasion, Carvel is launching a brand new flavor: Birthday Cake.

Beginning today (May 20, 2024), Carvel is offering a slew of Birthday Cake infused offerings. They include: soft serve (rainbow sprinkles in cake-flavored soft serve), regular scooped ice cream (birthday cake ice cream with “Birthday Cake Crunchies”), a shake, a Sundae Dasher (soft serve layered with Crunchies and “sprinkle whip”), a Flying Saucer rolled in Crunchies, an Ice Cream Pop (original soft serve dipped in “Birthday Bonnet”), Crunchies (available as a topping), and a Carvelanche (soft serve mixed with Birthday Cake Crunchies).

Character Cup 2
Carvel Memorial Day Limited Edition 90th Birthday Cups​ - credit: Carvel /

Of note, the Carvelanche is only available through online ordering at, DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats.

The new flavor in several iterations is enough to stuff Fudgie the Whale himself, but the birthday celebrations don’t stop there. In addition, over Memorial Day weekend from May 24 through May 27, Carvel has a few limited edition birthday cups available with the purchase of a dasher or shake.

Merch 1
Carvel 90th Birthday Merch - credit: Carvel /

Speaking of Fudgie the Whale, just because the 90th is celebrated this weekend doesn’t mean the party stops - it’s going all summer long with #FudgieGoodFriday. Every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Carvel is granting 90 winners the chance to win prizes on the Carvel Instagram, until August 30.

And last but not least, if you scream for ice cream on a daily basis, Carvel has your hook-up there too with brand new merch celebrating the anniversary, as well as Fudgie and others. Sadly there does not seem to be a Cookie Puss shirt, but you can’t have it all.

Happy Birthday, Carvel! And congrats on getting the most helpful flat tire in history!

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