CheeseBits are the bite size mozzarella pearls you need to try now

Foodie Innovations of 2024 include...Wasabi Cheese Pearls
Foodie Innovations of 2024 include...Wasabi Cheese Pearls /

Do you love cheese? Are you a fan of fresh mozzarella? What about provolone? How do you feel about innovative flavor profiles with your cheese? Well CheeseBits is shaking things up in the world of cheese and we need to talk about it!

I was introduced to CheeseBits during the holiday season and immediately knew that these were a must have for my snacking. As a fan of cheese and especially mozzarella, having tiny, bite size cheesy bits is never a bad thing in my eyes. And of course, if you are giving us interesting flavors too, count me in.

CheeseBits is taking Mozzamini pearls, which are a high quality cheese that is basically the size of peas and making a snacking moment out of them. As their website explains, "Mozzamini™ is an artisanal all-natural European quality snacking cheese with an enticing milky flavor resembling a delightful fusion of fresh mozzarella and mild provolone."

But I have to say that what CheeseBits is doing is more than just gifting us with high quality, delicious Mozzamini pearls. They are also thinking outside of the box! (And yes, that includes not just offering pearls, but also sticks and tots of cheese!)

So what is CheeseBits doing that has us thinking their innovative ideas might just shake up the way we snack on mozzarella? Well, they are giving us unique flavors of mozzarella pearls including a wasabi flavored mozzarella and even a strawberry flavored option.

We had the chance to try CheeseBits in their Original flavor, the Wasabi flavor, the Strawberry flavor, and even the woodsmoked flavor. And while the wasabi wasn't a favorite, it was still quite tasty. In fact, I would say that it is perfect for all types of snacking including charcuterie boards and even as an accompaniment at a Super Bowl watch party. That kick from the wasabi was fascinating, even as I preferred the original flavor.

Honestly, no matter what flavor you choose, CheeseBits is quite fun and great as a snack or as a way to elevate a spread. Planning a Super Bowl watch party? Have CheeseBits on hand. Doing a picnic with your love? Bring on the CheeseBits. Having friends over and need a snack plate? Of course, break out the CheeseBits!

There is never a bad time to bring out the CheeseBits and we are so excited to see what they come up with next because right now they are shaking things up in the best way possible for cheese lovers.

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