Cheez-It opens bonkers diner with Cheez-It Milkshakes, a jukebox that takes crackers, and more

You’re gonna wanna cheese it over to the Cheez-In Diner immediately.
Cheez In Diner, Extra Cheezburger and Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake - credit: ©2021 Ryan Gregory Photography LLC
Cheez In Diner, Extra Cheezburger and Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake - credit: ©2021 Ryan Gregory Photography LLC /

We’ve seen crazy pop-ups before, but the one just opened by Cheez-It takes the cake – or cracker, if you prefer. The Cheez-It diner opened yesterday in the Catskills, and features a Cheez-It milkshake, a jukebox that takes crackers, and so much more.

“We saw just how far our adventure-seeking Cheez-It fans would go when they Want It. Need It. Cheez-It," Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez-It said in a quote provided to Guilty Eats, "last year making the drive to our Joshua Tree Cheez-It Stop outpost.So many fans have been suggesting where we should bring the Cheez-It fun next, and we knew we needed to go the extra mile—literally—to do it again. That’s why this year we headed East, packing this one-of-a-kind roadside experience with even more ways to enjoy our iconic crackers, solidifying our spot as fans’ go-to snack nationwide.”

Specifically, you can find the one-week-only pop-up in Woodstock, New York – this is clearly the most notable thing that’s ever happened in Woodstock – until Sunday, May 26, 2024. We’ll list the exact hours and location below, but I want to get to the good stuff, first. Specifically the wild, out-there food.

The offerings are your classic diner menu items, but with a Cheez-It twist, sometimes literally. The craziest sounding is the Deluxe Cheez-It Milkshake, which blends vanilla ice cream with Cheez-Its, and adds a caramel and crushed Cheez-It cracker rim. It’s topped with sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and the piece de resistance, a chocolate-dipped Cheez-It on top.

Cheez In Diner - credit: ©2021 Ryan Gregory Photography LLC /

Other menu items are a little more reasonable. You’ve got the Extra Cheezburger, which is a smashburger with Cheez-It pimento cheese, lettuce, pickles, and an Extra Big Cheez-It Cracker. I guess that’s not that much more reasonable, but it's all relative.

The Big Grilled Cheez is Cheez-It coated Texas toast with pimento Cheez-It cheese, which is also covered in a crunchy Cheez-It crust. Cheezy Chicky Tendies are breaded in Cheez-Its. You can get them spicy with a Hot & Spicy Seasoning, and/or dip the tenders in hot honey or Hidden Valley Cheezy Ranch.

One last main course: Mac & Cheez-It, which is pasta in a White Cheddar Cheez-It cracker sauce, and more Cheez-Its crumbled on top.

But wait, there’s more! You can get a side of Cheez-It Fries which are fries tossed with - you’re not going to believe this – Cheez-Its. You can get them in Original, Hot & Spicy, or White Cheddar, as well as slathered in the pimento Cheez-It Sauce. You can also get a Cheez-It Biscui-it, which is created with layers of Cheez-Its. You can add honey butter, hot honey, or make it into a sandwich with the chicken tenders.

Cheez-In_Diner_Cheez-It Jukebox with Cracker
Cheez In Diner, Cheez-It Jukebox with Cracker - credit: ©2021 Ryan Gregory Photography LLC /

One last dessert is on the menu, a Sweet-N-Salty Cheezcake. The brand is a little cagey about exactly what this is other than it has a Cheez-It cracker crust, it’s topped with caramel, and also Extra Big Cheez-It crackers. Wild stuff.

Would you believe me though if I said it gets even more bonkers from here? They’ve got a Cheez-It Jukebox, which accepts crackers instead of coins and plays vintage hits. There’s a Cheez-It Taste-It Station, which dispenses rare varieties of Cheez-Its. And of course there’s plenty of merch to celebrate the crackers, as well as the diner pop-up.

Cheez-In_Diner_Taste-It Station
Cheez In Diner, Taste It Station - credit: ©2021 Ryan Gregory Photography LLC /

If you do want to visit the Cheez-In Diner, it’s located on 261 Tinker Street in Woodstock, New York. Today through Thursday, it’s open from 4pm to 9pm ET; and then Friday through Sunday, it’s open 4 pm to Midnight ET, for Memorial Day.

Honestly, this is loads better than that pop-up Woodstock had back in the day… That brown water was just no good.

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