Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch flips the script on Hidden Valley Ranch’s Cheezy Ranch Dressing

Get them before they’re hidden in the valley again forever.
Cheez-It Hidden Vallery Ranch crackers - credit: Cheez-It
Cheez-It Hidden Vallery Ranch crackers - credit: Cheez-It /

Back in March, Hidden Valley Ranch made the announcement they had finally caved to the mass demand for ranch and cheese with Hidden Valley Ranch’s Cheezy Ranch Condiment & Dressing, flavored (and branded) by Cheez-It. And now the script is being flipped with Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch crackers.

"We've seen fans mixing up their own blend of ranch seasoning-dusted Cheez-It crackers on social media, so we knew creating the perfect blend of cheezy and zesty flavors together was essential to satisfying their cravings," said Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez-It via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. "Much like our loyal Cheez-It fans, ranch lovers are seriously obsessed with Hidden Valley Ranch, so it was a no-brainer to infuse that fandom with our own to create a new, legendary cracker flavor."

You can probably figure this out based on name alone, but this new limited edition product has all the Cheez-It crunch and taste you love, with a dash of zesty Hidden Valley Ranch. However, though I probably don’t need to clarify, this is a regular-sized Cheez-It, not the Big Cheez-It that Taco Bell is currently purveying. Not saying I wouldn’t eat a Big Hidden Valley Cheez-It, or that it wouldn’t be delicious in a Taco Bell dish – because I would eat one, and it would be delicious. But point is, these are regular sized Cheez-Its, just in a brand-new flavor.

The better news is that while the new Cheez-Its aren’t hitting shelves until next month for a limited time, you can actually snag a box right now. Every day, Cheez-It will do a limited drop of boxes at every day until July 1. You can also get two-day shipping for free on the site with the code ILOVERANCHCHEEZIT. After the limited drop the boxes can be found at stores everywhere, while they last.

Whether you do get them in advance, or when they’re regularly on sale, maybe you can grab Hidden Valley Ranch’s Cheezy Ranch Condiment & Dressing and put some of that on top of the Cheez-It Hidden Valley Ranch crackers and see if that gives you the ultimate Cheez-It and Hidden Valley experience.

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