Chex remixes a spicy classic with their Buffalo Sandwich mix

There are no chicken chunks in here, fortunately.
Chex Mix Remix Buffalo Sandwich - credit: Chex
Chex Mix Remix Buffalo Sandwich - credit: Chex /

Chex Mix is known for a lot of things, but mostly A) Chex cereal, and B) those delicious little rye toasts. That hasn’t stopped the brand from expanding into other… Genres, I guess is the word? Or flavors, if you prefer, as they continue to mix and remix Chex Mix. Enter the latest flavor to do that: Chex Mix Remix Buffalo Sandwich.

The new Chex Mix, which is available now nationwide, contains: Spices and Herb Chex; Ranch Flavored Wing Puffs; Buffalo Sauce Chex; and your requisite Toasted Breadstick.

The goal, of course, is to taste just like a Buffalo Sandwich, despite the fact that there are no chunks of chicken anywhere in the bag. Probably for the best, because that would be wet and gross. But still, this is far more in line with Buffalo Ranch, than Buffalo Chicken. There also, I’ll point out, doesn’t seem to be any celery sticks or carrot sticks in here either, but why not toss ‘em in the bag for a dash of “health?”

I’m being facetious, but also as a note I will eat literally anything that has Buffalo Sauce on it, so joke is on me.

This is far from the first food item the Chex Mix Remix line has aimed to ape, though. Prior to Buffalo Sandwich, Chex released Cheesy Pizza Remix and Zesty Taco Remix. The Pizza comes with Pizza Sauce Chex, Pizza Crust Bagel Chips, Cheese Puffs, and Garlic and Herb Chex; while the Taco comes with Taco Seasoning Chex, Cheese Puffs, Corn Shell Chips, and Salsa Chex. However, the Buffalo Sandwich is the cutest because it has fake chicken leg puffs in there, so take that, tacos and pizza.

There’s actually another line of Chex Mix this is way closer to, though: the MAX’d line, which already has a Buffalo Ranch flavor. That mixes intensely flavored Buffalo sauce flavored Chex, and Ranch flavored Chex, with your regular mix of other items. It is, in my professional opinion, very delicious. So it’ll be interesting to see if this new take on Buffalo is significantly different from the previous take on Buffalo.

As mentioned, you can try it in stores yourself now. A 7 ounce bag goes for a suggested retail price of $4.29. Carrots, celery, and chicken chunks not included.

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