Chipotle goes green for golf in Georgia with limited edition foil-wrapped burritos

No need for a tin foil hat, Chipotle has your burrito covered.
Chipotle Green Wrapping in Augusta, GA
Chipotle Green Wrapping in Augusta, GA /

Do people collect Chipotle foil? Is that a thing? I guess anything can be a thing, and if it is, you’re going to want to travel to August, Georgia this weekend to snag their exclusive green-foil-wrapped burritos.

Why green? It has to do with golf, another thing I’m not entirely familiar with. But Chipotle is sponsoring superfan/pro golfer Max Homa, who will be playing the sport with a Chipotle logo on his golf bag all this week. And it matches the Master’s green jacket, which players receive when they win, so there you go!

“During the week of an event, it’s common to see various players at the closest Chipotle because we’ve become a go-to meal for pro golfers,” said Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer at Chipotle, via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “We hope a stop into our Augusta, GA restaurant for a green foil burrito foreshadows a strong showing for Max and our other pro golfer superfans later this week.”

Personally I do not think I would eat a big ‘ol burrito before doing some sports, but also I’m bad at sports, so what do I know? I'm going to go with Max Homa's call here and chow down on a burrito before I play golf the next time -- or at least a mini-burrito before I play mini-golf.

If you are curious to check out the green foil wrapping for yourself, you can head to Chipotle’s location at 229 Robert C Daniel Jr Pkwy in Augusta, GA today through Sunday, April 14. All in-restaurant and digital burritos, which are burritos ordered digitally and not burritos you’ve obtained through The Matrix, will come with the limited edition green foil. Perfect for your foil wall! That’s a thing, right? Cool.

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