Chipotle stuffing $1 million worth of burritos in a virtual vault for National Burrito Day

You can also snag free burritos for life -- or a $0 delivery fee.
Chipotle National Burrito Day - credit: Chipotle
Chipotle National Burrito Day - credit: Chipotle /

Chipotle is going all out this National Burrito Day with a chance to win one of 100,000 BOGO codes redeemable on Thursday, April 4. And if you’re hankering for a free burrito, you better get cracking: the vault opens today at Noon PT / 3 pm ET.

“We are launching Burrito Vault ahead of one of our most popular Chipotdays, National Burrito Day, giving players multiple opportunities to play and win,” said Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer via a press release provided to Guilty Eats. “Burrito Vault is inspired by the popularity of word puzzles, which have swept the nation and become a daily ritual for so many of our fans and team members.”

...Chipotdays? What other "Chipotdays" are there? Anyway.

Here’s how it works: head to to play the game, which as noted is inspired by popular online word games (kind of) like Wordle and Connections, indicating that perhaps the New York Times will pick up “Burrito Vault” as its next initiative.

Instead of trying to guess one word or connect four different words that are all pasta shapes (spoilers for today’s Connections), though, you have to figure out the correct Chipotle order. The first 50,000 players who unlock the Burrito Vault every day will win a free BOGO code, as long as they input their valid US phone number. That’s because they’re going to text you the code, you don’t have to lug your desktop computer to Chipotle.

There’s an extra added layer to this seven layer dip of celebration: if you play the Burrito Vault, you’ll be entered for a chance to win free burritos for a year. Only 53 players will win, but as they say in the New York Burrito Lottery, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

One last bit here, whether you’re interested in Ocean’s 11 style breaking into the Chipotle Burrito Vault, or not… On April 4, all Chipotle Rewards members pay a $0 delivery fee, which is a pretty low amount of money. One of the lowest, in fact. You have to order through the app or online with the code DELIVER, but in case you don’t crack the vault, this is a viable way to still celebrate National Burrito Day.

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