Cinnabon gets a Regina George-level makeover for Wednesdays

Start feeling fetch with these new pink frosted Cinnabon treats!
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting) Image Credit to Cinnabon.
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting) Image Credit to Cinnabon. /

Cinnabon knows a thing or two about being popular. That's why it would make sense for the brand to team up with Mean Girls.

The longtime mall favorite is getting a makeover a la Cady Heron from Mean Girls. Our favorite Cinnabon treats are now going to be coated in pink frosting rather than the normal white frosting. I mean there's a 100% percent chance they're going to be good.

Given that Valentine's Day is also vastly approaching, this could be a great treat to split with yourself or your Mean Girls movie buddy. Either way, you can get: " Pink frosted baked goods (Classic, MiniBon, BonBites, Center of the Roll) and CinnaPacks are available on Wednesdays from January 17 through February 7. While supplies last, of course."

That's not all, though. Mean Girls and Cinnabon fans can also grab some Pink Packs which feature 4-count and 6-count Classic Roll CinnaPacks along with 9-ct and 15-ct Minibon Cinnapacks every day of the week. These are well supplies last so make sure to mark the date on your calendar.

Get Mean Girls ready with new Cinnabon treats.

Cinnabon, Mean Girls
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting) Image Credit to Cinnabon. /

Aside from all those exciting announcements, Cinnabon and Mean Girls are hosting a giveaway to one lucky winner. The prize will be: "One grand prize winner will receive a private screening for themselves and 50 of their closest friends to see Mean Girls in their hometown. This CinnaFan will also get a gift card for $100 to use on the perfect Mean Girls movie snack – Cinnabon, duh! " There will also be 10 runner-up winners who have the chance for gift cards and more.

You have a few different ways to enter this giveaway with the easiest one being if you're a Cinnabon Rewards member, you just have to purchase a CinnaPack. You can also purchase a Cinnabon gift card online for a chance. Lastly, you either sign up to be a Cinnabon Rewards member or sign into your account and fill out the submission form. All in all, it's pretty easy for such a big prize.

As someone who loves the original Mean Girls, I think this is such a fun yet unexpected collab. I feel like everyone is really loving Barbiecore at the moment and Mean Girls just ties into it so well. It also goes hand-in-hand with a new deal Cinnabon is running: "Cinnabon Rewards members receive 20% off CinnaPacks on Wednesdays through February 7...along with 2x points when you purchase pink frosted products." Sounds like a sweet way to celebrate Hump Day.

Either way, I'm someone who loves Mean Girls and Cinnabon so I think this collab hits the perfect niche for both foodies and movie lovers.

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