Cinnabon goes red, white and blue for its new Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks

Cinnabon plus sprinkles? It’s an American miracle!
Cinnabon Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks - credit: Cinnabon
Cinnabon Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks - credit: Cinnabon /

Cinnabon is an American staple at this point. From appearing on Better Call Saul to appearing inside my mouth when I’m eating them, Cinnabon is everywhere. And now there’s no better way of celebrating America than with a tasty cinnamon bun from Cinnabon. And now they’re getting even more patriotic thanks to the brand new Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks.

It’s pretty simple, (cinna-ple?) actually… They’re a regular Cinnabon CinnaPack, except they’re topped with red, white, and blue star sprinkles. That’s pretty much it.

Oh, sorry, you want more info? Okay, here goes. Currently, CinnaPacks come in a number of varieties including Classic Rolls in both a four pack and a six pack; Caramel PecanBons in a four pack or a six pack; MiniBon Rolls in a nine pack or 15 pack; and BonBites in a 16 pack. Here in New York, the Classic CinnaPacks start at $20.99, with a four pack of rolls costing at additional $2, and a Caramel Pecan six pack costing another $6. The Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks aren't listed as of yet, because they go live on Monday, June 24; but also, my local Cinnabon is a combo Cinnabon/Carvel, so this may be atypical.

Since you are buying in bulk, the brand recommends that you either eat them in two days of purchasing, or you can store them in the freezer for 30 days. Which is a pretty funny note, because they’re somehow assuming you haven’t already eaten six Cinnabons by the time the little bell at the exit door rings.

As for the Summer Sprinkles CinnaPacks, it looks like they come in six packs based on pics provided to Guilty Eats by Cinnabon PR. Which is the perfect amount for providing a sweet, delicious – and most importantly, patriotic – dessert for your upcoming picnic, barbecue, or July 4th celebration.

So this summer, make sure to stand up, put your hand over your heart, and pledge allegiance to Cinnabon.

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