Costco's hot dog combo will keep the $1.50 price tag, despite reports to the contrary

The new CFO of Costco made an announcement that will put a smile on the faces of Costco shoppers.
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These days, it feels like everything is soaring in price. Gas prices, fast food, subscriptions, and travel. Even Dollar Tree has become Dollar Fifty Tree with how things are going.

But amid all the chaos, some items remain consistent. One of those is a popular option available at your local Costco: the $1.50 hot dog combo meal. And the great news is that the meal, which includes a hot dog and a 20-ounce soda, with refills, isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

During his first earning call, Gary Millerchip, the new CFO and executive vice president of Costco, delivered the big news that will continue to impact the food court of the company.

"To clear up some media speculation, I also want to confirm the $1.50 hot dog is safe," said Millerchip during the company's Q3 earnings call, per Fox News.

The move comes as a win for Costco customers after former CFO Richard Galanti left the topic in question. Since its inception in the mid-1980s, the deal has been $1.50, but Galanti had hinted at the possibility that Millerchip could raise the price. That said, all anxieties can be put to rest, following the confirmation from Millerchip.

One thing that I have enjoyed about Sam's and Costco over the years is that they are both committed to having consistently low prices for their customers. They realize that people are likely to get hungry while they are shopping, and will turn their focus to the food court.

Both stores have tasty options, and make the grocery shopping experience more enjoyable than a regular outing. And when it comes to this specific Costco deal, you can't go wrong with a hot dog on a hot summer day.

Ultimately, as Costco Co-Founder James Sinegal intended, the famous hot dog combo will remain at $1.50. Despite all the rapidly increasing prices throughout the country, a hot dog with a drink will still keep the same price it began with.

Will you be picking up a hot dog combo the next time you go to buy items in bulk?

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