Craving a Milk Bar cake? Blame it on Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is once again starting a trend and this time, it has to do with her having a Milk Bar cake for her birthday as it's become a trending subject.
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Everyone loves Taylor Swift but no one asks what she loves and it’s clear our girl loves a Milk Bar Cake.

If you’ve never seen one, you’re missing out as it’s a decadent confetti cake with layers of cake and frosting. If there was a Milk Bar store near me, I know I’d be trying it out and having it for my birthday.

However, Swift is a much bigger influence than I am, and rightfully so as searches for these cakes have increased by almost 4,000%. That’s not the only thing though as searches for “What is a milk bar cake” went up 700% and then “milk bar cake” went up by 130% which is honestly mindblowing.

For some reason, people think this is a controversial choice for her birthday but considering how much is in her bank account, I don’t think she cares. If I had one at my birthday party, I know I wouldn’t care if someone didn’t like it.

Taylor Swift singlehandedly pushes up demand for Milk Bar Cakes.

Known as the Birthday Cake, this is the ultimate millennial treat which is part of the reason why it was heavily discussed after the pic was shared. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan or just want one of these cakes for your very own, you can order them from the Milk Bar Store online.

Currently, the store is running a promo where you can get one for 13% off if you use the code “Swiftie” which makes sense. If you’re just curious about the cake in general, the Milk Bar website has us covered on that front. The site features one of the most delectable and appealing descriptions for a cake so I had to copy and paste it.

If you go to the official website, this is what you’ll find: “You’ve never tried a birthday cake like this. Our bestselling Birthday Cake, inspired by the boxed vanilla funfetti cake we loved as a kid, has grown up and gone gourmet. It has three tiers of heavenly rainbow-flecked vanilla birthday cake, layers of creamy frosting & crunchy crumbs, all topped with rainbow sprinkles.” I don’t know about you but it makes me wish I had the extra cash to be able to get one for myself.

For those who are craving their very own Milk Bar Cake for this year or even 2024, you can get a 6-inch for $62.00 which feeds 8-12 people. Taylor opted for the 10-inch which is $140 and feeds 20-30 people. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your bank account but there is no way this cake won’t be a favorite among Swifties this year. It’s just another trend Taylor Swift started and we’re all here for it.

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