Crumbl announces the arrival of the People's Choice Cookie as part of the final lineup of 2023 cookies

Crumbl Cookies ends the year on a sweet note with their December 25 to December 30 menu
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Although Crumbl Cookies will be keeping their doors closed on December 25 and 26, that doesn't mean that they aren't giving us a fresh menu of cookies to finish 2023 with. And what better way to end the year than with their People's Choice Cookie!

According to the press email that we received, in March, Crumbl hosted their own "March Madness" bracket that allowed their fans to come up with the cookie flavor they most wanted to see the brand create. In the end, the winner of the March Madness bracket was the Brookie Dough Pie. With the Brookie Dough Pie being the People's Choice Cookie of 2023, it just makes sense that for the final week of the year, they are making their customer's cookie dreams come true.

So what exactly is the Brookie Dough Pie? "The Brookie Dough Pie cookie is a fusion of chocolate chip cookie dough and rich brownie batter, presented in a pie cookie."

Of course, the Brookie Dough Pie is not the only cookie that fans will be able to snag from December 25 (technically December 27) through December 30. So what are the other cookies of the week that we can expect to end the year with?

What are the six cookie flavors that Crumbl Cookies is ending 2023 with?

  • The Brookie Dough Pie (New and the People's Choice Cookie)
  • Raspberry Cheesecake - This cookie starts with a graham craker cookie base before being topped with a cheesecake flavored frosting and a raspberry jam topping.
  • Peanut Butter featuring Snickers - You can never go wrong with a peanut butter cookie, especially one that is topped with a caramel flavored buttercream followed by pieces of a Snickers bar before getting a final drizzle of chocolate.
  • Chocolate Cake - Take a chocolate cookie and then top it with a fudge frosting and even more chocolate in the form of chocolate curls. This is a decadent delight for chocolate lovers.
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon featuring Pop-Tarts - According to the description of this cookie, this is a "warm brown sugar cinnamon-stuffed cookie topped with a brown sugar cream cheese glaze and crumbled Pop-Tarts® on top." (Say less and just give us a glass of cold milk so we can enjoy our breakfast cookie.)
  • Double Chocolate Chip - The final cookie of the week is another classic, this is basically an elevated chocolate chip cookie with both chocolate chips and chocolate chunks that is then topped with sea salt.

Honestly, all six cookies sound decadent and like the perfect way to end the year. At the same time, these are also a great choice for any last minute holiday get-togethers or if you want to give a sweet treat to someone for the holidays.

What do you think of this final cookie menu of 2023? Which of these cookies are you the most interested in trying? And what do you think of their People's Choice Cookie?

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