Crumbl gives us a lineup of returning favorites for April 8 to 13

There were no new cookies in this week's lineup at Crumbl - but there are a few returning favorites.
Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh
Crumbl is undergoing a brand refresh /

It's the second week of April, and Crumbl has decided to stick with some classics. Instead of giving us any new cookies, they've decided to bring back some fan favorites instead.

This is obviously not the first time that the brand has chosen to stick with returning flavors, but we are always eager to find out what’s new to the revolving menu. Considering last week gave us an actual Key Lime Pie, it does make sense that they wanted to keep things a little more low-key for this week. That said, the flavors they are giving us are definitely worth heading to your local Crumbl.

So what is on this week’s Crumbl menu? We've got all the Crumbl Cookie spoilers you need, right here.

Here is the complete lineup of cookies at Crumbl for April 8 to April 13

This week we have three cookies for chocolate lovers, which tasty news right there.

  • Monster Featuring M&M’s Candies - This is a peanut butter cookie with M&M's candies, oats, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, and even more peanut butter in the form of peanut butter chips. The fact that this is called a monster cookie makes perfect sense. This is a jampacked cookie, similar to your kitchen-sink-style treat.
  • Cookie Dough - Take a brown sugar cookie, top it with buttercream, flavor it like cookie dough, and then add chunks of cookie dough and you have this cookie flavored... Cookie. This is absolutely for the cookie lovers out there who love their cookie dough.
  • Cinnamon Scone - This is not your average cookie: this cinnamon scone cookie has butter on top; then they top it some more with a buttercream that’s flavored like cinnamon. So this is more like eating a cinnamon scone, versus a cookie. I don’t know how I feel about this one... I do love scones, but I never thought about eating them like a cookie. Makes it a must-try, perhaps?
  • Chocolate Cupcake - Despite the name, this is a sugar cookie flavored like vanilla that has fudge frosting on top and is finished with chocolate sprinkles. It reminds me of classic vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, just in a cookie format. This is one for all the chocolate lovers out there.
  • Lemon Bar - If you love lemon, this is a must-buy cookie. It starts with a lemon cookie topped with what Crumbl calls a “zingy, lemon bar topping and sprinkled with powdered sugar.” So this is lemon-on-lemon magic. This might just be the cookie that gets me in the door this week.
  • Milk Chocolate Chip - Finally, the classic cookie, and a perfect addition to any cookie box. It’s also great for people who love the iconic chocolate chip, and don’t have any other flavors from this week that they are desperate to try.

Despite the lack of new cookies at Crumbl this week, the lineup still has something for everyone. We have peanut butter, we have chocolate, we have cinnamon, and we have lemon represented. So if you want to try something new -- or an old favorite -- this might be the perfect week for you.

What do you think about this week's lineup? Are you surprised that there is no new cookie this week? Which cookie are you the most excited for?

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