Crumbl drops two new cookies and gives us a chocolate forward week for May 27 - June 1

Meet Banana Split and Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee.
Banana Split, Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee, & More! | Crumbl
Banana Split, Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee, & More! | Crumbl / Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl knows what we love. They know that we love delicious, decadent cookies that satisfy our sweet tooth. They also know that we like variety. And for the week of May 27 through June 1, Crumbl is not only delivering two new cookies to enjoy, but they are really going all in for the chocolate lovers out there as well.

This week we've got two new flavors that will satisfy a wide range of people. For the first new cookie, we have a Banana Split flavor that channels that iconic dessert thanks to the "vanilla sugar cookie swirled with banana and strawberry mousse, finished with a drizzle of chocolate ganache, a dollop of whipped cream, and a cool pop of cherry." It's like taking a sundae and baking it into a cookie!

For the second new cookie of the week, we are getting a Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee cookie. This cookie goes all out as it is a decadent combination of toffee and chocolate with milk chocolate chips. Then then they top it all off with "a dash of flakey sea salt."

Of course, the new cookies are part of a fan-favorite line up of cookies that delivers when it comes to deliciousness. So what else made it onto the Crumbl menu for May 27 to June 1?

Crumbl went all out to end May with a cookie lineup that includes two new must-try cookies

For this week's cookie lineup, we have a shocking five cookies with chocolate out of the six on the menu. So if you love chocolate, then this week is definitely the week to head into a Crumbl.

  • Banana Split Cookie (new)
  • Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee Cookie (new)
  • Cookies & Cream Milkshake Featuring Mini Oreo - This cookie goes all out with the magic of Oreo, as we get a cookie that Crumbl describes as "a chilly cookies & cream milkshake-inspired cookie bursting with OREO cookie pieces from the base to the creamy vanilla buttercream, and finished with a mini OREO cookie." If you haven't tried this one yet, I highly recommend it if you love all things cookies and cream.
  • Cookie Butter Lava Featuring Lotus Biscoff - This cookie is stuffed with cookie butter and then drizzled with even more cookie butter. For people who love Biscoff cookies, this is an absolute winner. And if you love a cookie that has a gooey center, then get ready to chow down on this one.
  • Cowboy Cookie - For anyone who loves oatmeal cookies, this is the one for you. Of course, this also has chocolate chips in it, as well as toasted pecans and shredded coconut. This is one of those cookies that seems to have it all and we love that.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie - And finally, it is our classic cookie option of the week in the form of the chocolate chunk cookie with a dash of sea salt on top.

This entire lineup of cookies is a win for anyone who loves treats. And the fact that on Mondays we can snag these flavors as minis has us ready for a trip to the nearest Crumbl. If you are curious about any of these cookies, but don't want to commit to the larger cookie size, Monday is the perfect time to try something new and mini sized.

May 27 to June 1 is an absolute win for the cookie lovers who head to Crumbl and we can't wait to try both of the new flavors as well.

What do you think of this week's cookie menu from Crumbl? Which flavor are you the most excited for?

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