Crumbl Cookies drops latest LTO in the form of a Butter Cake for June 24 to 29

It's not just about the Butter Cake this week, as Crumbl is also bringing back some fan-favorite cookie flavors.
Crumbl Cookies Butter Cake LTO - credit: Crumbl
Crumbl Cookies Butter Cake LTO - credit: Crumbl /

There is a brand new cake flavor being offered as an LTO from Crumbl Cookies. And if you have been loving the cakes and pies that the brand has been dropping throughout the first half of 2024, then you are going to love the latest addition to the limited-time menu. That is because our newest dessert offering is actually a Butter Cake!

If this cake is anything like the previous baked treats Crumbl has released, we expect this to be a decadent dessert that sets our taste buds alight. According to the press email we received about this limited-time offering, "this warm, gooey butter cake is baked with a crunch of sugar crystals, then topped with a delectable buttery glaze and a smooth vanilla bean whipped cream."

The Butter Cake sounds decadent to us! So it is definitely on our list of must try treats. Of course, that is not the only delicious treat on the menu for June 24 to June 29. So what else are we looking forward to this week from Crumbl?

The Crumbl menu for June 24 to 29 beyond the LTO Butter Cake

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pie (new) - For this new addition to the cookie menu, Crumbl is starting with a brownie cookie base and then it is rolled in pretzel bits. There is also a chocolate buttercream that is filled into this cookie, as well as more pretzel pieces and finally a pretzel that has been partially dipped in chocolate before being placed on top of the cookie. This is definitely a decadent cookie option that we can't wait to try, even if we are grabbing a mini version on Mini Mondays.
  • Lemon Cupcake Cookie - Considering this is a vanilla cookie with lemon that is then topped with a swirl of a lemon flavored frosting that is topped off with some white sprinkles, we just know that this is a must-try cookie. This is everything we love in a citrusy cookie and this is definitely on our shopping list for the week. Honestly, we may have to order four of these bad boys to get us through the week with.
  • Honey Bun Cookie - For this cookie, we are looking at a cinnamon-flavored cookie that is then topped with a glaze of honey butter. It is a breakfast-inspired flavor and we love that for us.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Cookie - If you love the classic taste of peanut butter and jelly, then this cookie is a must-try. For this, we get a peanut butter cookie that is topped with a swirl of even more peanut butter and of course jelly. Honestly, this is a classic cookie in its own right.
  • Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk Cookie - You can never go wrong with a classic cookie flavor. And for this week, it is all about the chocolate chunk!

Honestly, the entire lineup for the week sounds decadent and delicious. And while there is a cake in the lineup, we are really here for these cookies. This is the kind of menu we get excited for.

What do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for this week's offerings, including both of the new treats on the menu?

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